Friday, February 27, 2015

I was told I couldn't do this without her help.

You have already seen some of the things that go on around here in the morning. I try to record the little things that make Living With Rottweilers so much fun. That's also because I get a lot of help taking care of the Rottweiler's Mom. Some of the evidence of that help usually came about as an afterthought when I decided to interrupt what was going on to go get the camera.
Today was different. I planned in advance to get some pictures while my helper was busy doing her thing. 
As fast as I tried to tie the shoelaces my helper got them untied.
And then when I was finished I got a look that clearly said, "You couldn't have done it without my help."
These are just a few of the simple pleasures that my best friends give to make my day a little more cheerful. And I love ever precious moment.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rottweilers struggling to deal with a record-setting Winter.

This Winter has introduced everyone to a new phrase in our conversation. They don't understand what a "bippy" is when Daddy tells everyone we have Bippy-Freezing weather outside, but it means just that. It means you gotta learn to go outside and do your business and then come in. No playing games, literally, when the standing temperature is in the minus numbers and the wind chill will cause frostbite in less than a half-hour. And while I'm all bundled up in warm clothing, you Rottweilers are walking around barefoot. So struggle they must even if they don't understand. This Winter has gone down in the records books. Last week we had -17 F. along with three snowstorms in 5 days that gave us 15 inches. This morning it went down to -6 F. The snow was nice until the temperature got very cold and the Rottweilers didn't like being brought inside in that nice cold invigorating air. Then the surface of the snow froze and walking on it was like punching holes in ice. That is what Mr. Axl was having problems with.
Bessie has been paying a lot of attention to old man Axl, to the point she seems worried about him. I told her this morning she was acting like his nursemaid. I think she has noticed he has trouble outside walking in the deep snow, his hind legs get stuck and he falls down and I also think his eyesight is not as good as it once was. I saw Bessie holding his collar in her mouth as they were walking through the family room last night. At first I thought she was trying to play with him like she does with Ruffin but she didn't have the same look on her face, she seemed to be leading him. For an almost 8-month old girl she looked somewhat serious. Then she seems more willing to stay close to her Mom than she did before.
And she also keeps an eye on Ruffin especially when he goes outside by the pool. She always lets me know when he has come back and wants to come in.
Ruff is the only one who gets to go outside because Axl can't climb the stairs on the deck and Bessie doesn't know where to walk around the pool. The one time I took her out there she ran across the pool cover and thought it was a big game. And damn near gave me a heart attack trying to get her off of it. Ruff knows where the sidewalk ends and the pool rim is and you can see the well word set of footprints. Bessie is a free thinker.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter has finally arrived. And it came with a vengence.

Rottweilers love snow. They also love cold air. It seems to invigorate them with an abundance of energy. Now our little Bessie has had her taste of a real Winter. Within the past week we have had three measurable snowstorms. The last time it snowed here on Feb. 12th, we only had a few inches but the first storm last weekend brought us 8-inches. This storm was followed two days later with 4 more inches which was followed again by another storm that dropped 3 more inches. And the cold has remained continuously preventing most of it from melting. And the weatherman has predicted 3-6 more inches of snow tomorrow.
Little Bessie had a lot of fun running across the sidewalk every time I shoveled it kicking more snow which needed to be shoveled again. 
After taking these pictures it was time to come in the house. As I turned I saw the gang had followed right behind me.
The worst part of this weather has been the bitterly cold, record-breaking low temperatures. Day before yesterday we went down to -7 F and this morning we hit -15 F and my primary concern was the Rottweilers getting frostbite on their toes. Other than that they seemed to be totally unaffected by the cold. When the wind was factored in the wind chill was -30 F.
 Here is a temperature map taken from a local TV station this morning
We are located just about in the middle of the triangle between -21, -15 and -4.
P.S. Due to weather and bad colds we have missed so many training classes that I re-enrolled Bessie in a new session starting on Monday. Weather pending. I really wished I could take her to class in the Spring but she is getting so big so fast.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

BLACK BEAUTY BREED - The best documentary film ever made about Rottweilers

If you came upon this blog because you love Rottweilers as I do or were just curious about this magnificent, noble and misunderstood breed then I have an excellent suggestion for you. Last year a professional filmmaker in Hollywood named Angie Ruiz produced and directed a documentary about Rottweilers that you must see. The name of the film is Black Beauty Breed, and it had its premier in Los Angeles at the ArcLight Hollywood theater on June 12, 2014. I just finished watching the DVD copy that I purchased from the producer.
Go here and place your order  You will be glad that you did.
The documentary is currently on a worldwide tour and was most recently shown in three cities in Australia. The DVD is available for sale worldwide in NTSC format which can be played on most DVD players that also use the PAL format.
Angie Ruiz and Samson
Angie Ruiz fell in love with Rottweilers the same way I did, with a rescued Rottweiler in need of a home. She was asked to transport a Rottie puppy to a Rescue group but instead she discovered she could not let it go. If you are reading this Angie please know that I have been telling people for years that they are truly Thief of Hearts. From that day in 2007, Angie Ruiz decided she had to tell their story using her skills as a documentary filmmaker.  
This documentary covers every aspect of Rottweiler life from birth, to training to competitions to work as therapy dogs, K-9 and Search and Rescue dogs. The coverage is meticulous and thorough and tears apart the bad reputation heaped upon this breed by biased, sensationalist news stories. In the film I learned for the first time that the first Search and Rescue dogs at the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001 were a team of Rottweilers. From there the film follows each of the noble traits and qualities this breed possesses. My writing skills cannot do justice for this wonderful work so let me show you a story originally published in the Porterville Recorder.    
The following newspaper story is reprinted with permission from the author.
Award-winning documentary touring the world

Posted: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 8:35 am
Film producer/editor has Porterville ties
A feature-length documentary about Rottweilers and their positive attributes has earned a woman with Porterville connections several awards, including a Best Documentary award at a film festival in Charlottesville, Va.
The film, Black Beauty Breed, has been touring the nation and world, said film producer/editor Angie Ruiz via telephone from Portugal. She will travel to London and Scotland next before returning to Los Angeles.

Her first feature-length documentary and directorial debut, the film will be scheduled for the Central Valley in the near future.

“I made this film from the heart about something I believe in. Even though the film is about the Rottweiler, the themes of the film are universal — loyalty, resilience, friendship and hard work,” Ruiz said. “The film showcases their little-known versatility as search-and-rescue dogs and therapy dogs, and their success in dog sports — agility, nose work, carting and herding. And for the first time ever, audiences can see the Rottweiler Search and Rescue dogs deployed to Ground Zero in the days following 9/11.”

Her inspiration for the film came in 2007 after rescuing a Rottweiler, Samsun, from a Porterville family who could not keep him.

“He was 9 months old and I offered to pick him up and drive him to The Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles. On the drive from Porterville to Los Angeles, I saw how sad he was to leave his family and my heart just melted. At that moment, I made a decision to rescue him myself,” Ruiz said. “I was inspired to make the documentary because it is the film that I would have liked to seen when I rescued Samson. I didn’t know anything about the breed at the time and information was not readily available.”
Internet searches yielded negative stories about the breed, she said, and she wanted people to get a full picture of the breed.

“I made the film because I knew firsthand how wonderful this breed can be if given structure, a loving home and a positive training environment,” Ruiz said.

The film premiered June 12 to a packed audience at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood. Several local family members attended, including Ruiz’s mother, Lupe Ruiz, formerly of Porterville, her aunt Josie Garcia Sandoval, cousin Teneha Sandoval, and her brother, George Ruiz of Clovis.

“We enjoyed the personal accounts from all the Rottweiler owners in the film,” Garcia Sandoval said. “They spoke about the Rottweilers being search-and-rescue dogs during September 11. This fact is not well known, so it was surprising to hear.”

Garcia Sandoval said she also enjoyed the story of how a Rottweiler helped a young girl come out of a coma after a tragic hit-and-run accident.

“This portion was truly emotional,” Garcia Sandoval said. “I’m proud of Angie for contacting and gaining the trust of these fellow Rottweiler lovers and for producing this film to truly educate us about Rottweilers.”

Teneha Sandoval agreed.

“Large dog breeds, such as the Rottweiler, are often misunderstood and assumed to be dangerous animals on their own. When in reality, their temperament is result of its owner’s training,” Teneha Sandoval said. “This film brings light to the fact that the Rottweiler is a loving and intelligent breed who, with proper training, can be remarkable pets, rescuers and rehabilitation service dogs.”

Ruiz, who has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, has worked in the entertainment industry for 14 years, first starting as an actress. She bought her first DSL camera when she volunteered in East Africa, where she made short documentaries of the Maasai, and enjoyed filming the Serengeti wildlife. The experiences led her to create her own production company, Wandering Films.

Ruiz is the daughter of Lupe Ruiz of Salinas, formerly of Porterville, and a granddaughter of the late Josefina and Gilberto Garcia, and the late Sally and Frank Loyola, all of Porterville.

Ruiz lives with her husband Mark Terbeek, and daughters, Isla and Edie, in West Hollywood.

“It has been amazing to see the audience response to the film,” Ruiz said. “Who knew that Rottweilers were so loved by people around the world.”

Contact Esther Avila at 784-5000, Ext. 1045. Follow her on Twitter @Avila_recorder.
Followup 2-13-2015

This documentary is listed on the Internet Movie Database web site. I am not the only one who found this movie so enjoyable. The film currently has a 5 reviews and a rating of 9.1 out of 10. I just added my own comments.
Reviews & Ratings for
Black Beauty Breed More at IMDbPro »

The most beautiful documentary ever made about Rottweilers

Author: AbbyD-1 from United States
13 February 2015
*** This review may contain spoilers ***
I have owned 7 Rottweilers over the past 20 years and currently live with three of them. I first came upon this breed in much the same way as Angie Ruiz did, by adopting one that needed a home. Angie Ruiz is a professional filmmaker who directed and produced this documentary and she did an exceptional job of showing the inner qualities of this magnificent breed. From love to devotion to intelligence to character strength this often misunderstood canine stands well above all others. I just finished watching the DVD of this film that I purchased from their web site. From the very first days I became acquainted with Rottweilers I quickly learned they were truly Thief of Hearts and as Angie Ruiz pointed out in the commentary on the DVD she was asked to transport a 9-month old Rottie puppy to a Rottweiler Rescue group and before she got there she decided to adopt him, herself.

From that beginning the documentary shows many aspects of Rottweiler training for competitive sports as agility and carting but then goes into how this breed is ideally suited for K-9 police work, Search and Rescue and even Therapy work in hospitals. The most touching sequence was the Rottweiler who aided a comatose accident patient regain consciousness.

Angie Ruiz said in the film interview, "I made this film from the heart about something I believe in. Even though the film is about the Rottweiler, the themes of the film are universal — loyalty, resilience, friendship and hard work," And the film has received several awards, including a Best Documentary award at a film festival in Charlottesville, Va.

As a Rottweiler owner I congratulate Angie on doing such a fine job with this film. Anyone who owns a Rottweiler or is curious about this breed should search out and find a copy of the DVD or catch it in a theater. It is currently on a worldwide tour and recently was shown in three cities in Australia.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Daddy's little helper.

I was having some trouble getting my wife dressed this morning. Nothing more than usual but every time I tried to put on her shoes and socks a little head kept poking through between my wife's feet to see what I was doing. To some extent this is a daily occurrence around here but today I was determined to try and get a picture of it to share. Baby Bess has always been infatuated with shoe laces. She untied my shoelaces at the animal shelter the day I went there to meet her for the first time. And speaking of getting underfoot, she is laying on the floor between me and the computer desk right now as I write this. She doesn't realize how big she is getting and I need to reach out with arms length to type. When she was tiny she would wrap herself around the base of my swivel chair but now just uses it for a pillow for her head.

By the time I fetched the camera Bess was no longer between my wife's feet but she was trying once again to help me tie the shoe laces.
And thank you for the sweet smile when you paused to let me take your picture.

On the subject of all the help I get around here, here is a picture from yesterday of the palace guards guarding the throne room.

They all sure make life interesting around here.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Some visitors came in my den tonight.

Not really visitors, just a bunch of moochers looking for handouts when they heard me eating a snack. You know they all can recognize the sound made by every kind of food wrapper.
It's kind of hard to resist them when they gang up on you like this. Just for the record they are not starving so don't fall for that look on their faces. Must be the camera angle. One more thing, Bessie seems to be slouching. If she was sitting up straight she would be almost as tall as Ruff and Axl.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lets play a game, King of the hill or Queen of the chair.

I took some new pictures this morning and when I uploaded them into the computer I discovered another batch that I took the other day that was still in the camera. So this will be two posts in one.

As Bessie has gotten bigger she has become more demanding. Poor Ruff, he doesn't even know what he helped create with all of his play school combat with the little puppy. Now it seems that nothing is safe any more, not even his favorite chair.

So in just four pictures we see the mighty Rottweiler being forced from his resting place by an upstart would-be Queen.
And do you know what, it was all a game because less than a minute later Bessie got down off the chair. She didn't really want it, she just wanted to take it from Ruffin.

So this morning after my wife had her breakfast I happened to notice something that made me do a double take. Bessie and Ruff were laying side by side on the floor in front of the stove and it was hard to tell them apart. Bessie has officially reached the 75 LB mark and today is her 7-month birthday and Ruffin is still 50 LB bigger than she is but take a look at this.
Bessie is in the foreground and Ruff is in the back. Granted, the wide-angle lens adds a little distortion but you can see by the floor tiles there isn't much difference in size. Oh, and Bessie loves her big friend Ruff.
I think Ruffin is beginning to wonder just how big Bessie is going to get. He is still 50 lbs heavier but she is almost the same size as him.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Can a Rottweiler pass down knowledge to a younger generation?

For several months I have been exchanging emails with a lady who own Rottweilers who follows this blog. Today the subject of our dogs enjoying swimming came up and I mentioned something that I have written about before. In the past 10-years that we have lived in our present home with its in-ground swimming pool, all of my Rottweilers have been afraid of the water and do not even like it when the humans are swimming in it. Whenever we went swimming the dogs would run around the pool panic-barking to seemingly warn of of some danger and only stopped when we got out of the water. I could never figure out why.

Until today it just dawned on me. 

Many years ago, before we bought this house, when my first Rottie girl Mocha was just a puppy, we used to visit a park that had a lake. On the shore of this lake was a small ramp that went down in the water and one day brave Mocha decided to investigate it by walking down the ramp into the water. It was lucky for us that we had her on a long leash because when she got to the end of the ramp which ended less than a foot below the surface she fell into deep water over her head. Needless to say she became very frightened and was still shaking even after we pulled her out of the water.

So now the light bulb that sometimes glows over my inquisitive mind just lit up with a thought. Did Mocha's traumatic experience in the water when she was little create the fear in her mind that all water was a dangerous place and did she pass this information on to the two young Rottweilers she raised as a foster mother? We still had Mocha living with us when we bought this house ten years ago in 2004. Mocha went to The Bridge in 2008. In 2003 we adopted baby Sassy and in 2006 we got baby Ruffin. Mocha raised Sassy from a furball pup but at the age of 11 she was only passively involved with baby Ruffin. It was Sassy who did most of the mothering. But Mocha was the first to raise the alarm over our dangerous swimming pool and I think that is where Sassy got it from and passed it on to Ruffin.

Comments welcomed.
P.S. While dogs are natural swimmers and therefor shouldn't be afraid of the water, one day we put a life jacket on Ruffin and carried him into the pool. This photo shows the panicked look on his face.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brief update on Bessie's training classes.

The lady running the Obedience Class said it was OK to bring my camera. The bad news is she had to cancel the class last night at the last minute so we'll have to wait until next week to take pictures.


Friday, January 23, 2015

The morning routine.

Well, its time to get the Momma up. So begins our new day and it seems I cannot do it alone any more so my willing assistants are always there to lend a hand or paw. No need for a lot of words here, these two pictures tell it all.
OK, can you guess where Momma is?
Good guess.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The cold weather is back.

We seem to be having a three-way love affair going on. My baby Rottweiler Bessie has stolen everyone's heart but especially mine and Ruff's. And she has had some cozy moments with her Grandpa Axl, too. Ruffin, on the other hand, has always been my BFF even before I knew it stood for Best Friends Forever. I have two favorite stories that I tell people about my Rottweilers, one, that my face has absorbed so much Rottweiler saliva from Ruff's kisses that I must have Rottweiler DNA and the other is that Ruff's constant kisses have helped make the wrinkles in my old face disappear. But now I must share my heart with my baby girl Bess but what makes things complicated is that Bess loves Ruff as much as I do and Ruff loves Bess the same way.

So we have minor bouts of jealousy and a little competition going on. When I show affection for Ruff Bessie butts in and wants some and when I show affection for Bess, Ruffin pushes his way in to get his share. Sometimes this leads to some silly situations. Tonight Ruffin was laying in his favorite leather chair with his head hanging over the armrest and I was sitting on the floor in front of him giving him hugs and kisses. So Bessie decides to join us and she just climbed up on the chair on top of Ruff and laid down on him. I quietly left the room to get the camera and thankfully they hadn't moved.
Now to be honest I must say I've seen Bessie do something similar when all she wanted was for Ruff to get off his chair so she could have it but tonight she definitely wanted some attention. And just as quickly as I took the above picture, Ruffin decided to give up his chair.
Which then left a smarty-pants little girl enjoying her prize.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back in the house it was time for more play.

I think Ruffin is getting tired of play school with baby Bess. It all started when she got big enough to knock him down and then Ruff didn't enjoy the game any more. Bess still regards Ruff as her personal playmate and Ruff seems to regard Bess as a big pain in the neck (literally) among other things. Bess jumps on Ruff and with her weight over 70 lbs. she has knocked him off his feet on a few occasions. And Ruff complains loudly with his growling but Bess ignores it. Yet when I separate them by bringing Bess into my den and closing the door, Ruff usually lays down outside the door and waits for her. 

Speaking of bringing Bess into my den, she still likes to wrap herself around the base of my swivel chair. I am constantly trying to get her to move so she won't get hurt if the chair rolls. Then today she got under my computer table and I took this picture.
Its difficult to get mad at anything she does when she looks at you like this. That sweet, innocent face gets away with everything.

Then back in the family room after dinner it started all over again.
I forgot to mention that the play began right after breakfast. My wife hadn't even left the kitchen when I spotted these two going at it. And at one point it looked like Ruff was acting very horny and was trying to mount the little girl. Since he never done it before he seemed to be going about it all wrong.
See what I mean?

Enjoying our annual mid-Winter thaw.

With a daytime temperature of 50 degrees and an almost cloudless sky, it was a perfect day to enjoy a long hike down to the back. So off we went, Ruffin and Bess and me. But Ruff almost spoiled the walk by scooping up Bessie's red rubber ball and taking it with him. 
Bessie followed Ruff and never took her eyes off her ball that was in his mouth most of the time. And when he dropped the ball he knew she was watching him.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Bessie has a big night out. Her first day at school.

I enrolled Bessie in an Obedience Class at a school tonight. The class is run by Angie More, a certified dog trainer who owns Amore Dog Obedience Training and is also the founder of Paws and Claws, one of the animal rescue groups who was helping me locate an adult female Rottweiler to adopt to take the place of our dear Sassy. I finally got to meet Angie last Saturday at Petsmart and she told me about her training class so I decided to check it out since a new class was starting today. 

I think it was the most exciting time Bessie has ever had. Bess loves to ride with me in the car and we have gone shopping together many times, just the two of us. Tonight we drove in the dark and it was a totally different experience seeing all the cars and trucks go by with their headlights on. We arrived at the Pawsitively Purfect Salon in Florence, KY and found it packed with dogs of all sizes. Then I learned there was a training class about to end while some people were waiting with their dogs for the next class to start.

While we were waiting Bessie was greeted by a dozen or so little barks coming from a variety of puppies of many different breeds. Not once did Bessie bark at all. I am so glad of that because she has a very loud voice. I said to one woman whose little dog was intent on meeting Bessie that dogs love to bark at Rottweilers so they can go home and tell all their friends how brave they were. Bessie was wagging her little tail the whole time so I could tell she was enjoying it all.

The smallest puppy we met was a 9-week old German Shepherd and he was so playful through the entire class. When our class began it turned out Bessie was the biggest dog in the room and that is also a new experience for her. I don't know the ages of the other dogs but I think only one was older than her. 

Bessie was the best behaved dog in the room. She did many playful nose sniffs with some of the puppies but she acted like a refined lady Rott the whole time. Considering the fact she was raised by three dads and still acts like a Tomboy at home, I think we did a pretty good job. I will be taking my camera with me next week and if they let me take some pictures I'l post them next Monday night.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last night at bedtime.

My three helpers had all gathered in my wife's bedroom last night, ready to help me get her into bed. At least that's the idea they gave me. Considering the obstacle course they present when trying to traverse across the floor, they could have all gathered to see if they could trip me up. No, that's not right. They just love being around their Mom and want to wish her a Good Night after she goes to bed.
They do the same thing in the morning when its time for her to get out of bed. Well Bess and Ruff do, Axl is a permanent fixture in the bedroom when his Mom is in bed. And lately, Bessie has been jumping on the bed to give Mom some morning kisses.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I think we're going to need a bigger boat.

I love that line, "I think we're going to need a bigger boat." from the movie Jaws. That's when the guys that went out on the boat to hunt the shark finally get a chance to see how big it was.

Well, today I finally got to go through all the old Veterinary records for Ruffin. I pulled out all the receipts for the first two years that we had on him, from the first day on 1-16-2007 when he was exactly 2 months old the little fur ball weighed a healthy 19 pounds. I wanted to compare how Ruff had gained weight and grew during this period and compare it with baby Bessie. And I am amazed at what I found.

Ruff is a very large male Rottweiler. He is at the top of the standard size which according to Wikipedia is 110 - 130 pounds. But Ruff didn't get that big until he was over two years old. The female Rottweiler ranges from 75 - 105 pounds.

I commented the other day that Bessie bears a remarkable resemblance to Ruffin and thought she might possibly be an offspring of one of Ruff's litter mates. Ruff's father lived on a horse farm in Burlington, Kentucky only 20 miles or so away - and Cliff Hafer, the owner, also was a breeder of Rottweilers. So it just could be possible they are distant relatives.

So here are the amazing weight comparisons.

On 1-16-2007 Ruff was 2 months old and weighed 19 lbs. On 8-28-2014 Bessie was 2 months old and weighed 13 lbs.
On 1-30-2007 Ruff was 2 1/2 months old and weighed 24.5 lbs. On 9-30-2014 Bessie was 3 months old and weighed 28 lbs.
On 3-26-2007 Ruff was 4 1/2 months old and weighed 34.8 lbs. On 10-31-2014 Bessie was 4 months old and weighed 42 lbs.
On 6-13-2007 Ruff was 7 months old and weighed 65 lbs. On 12-1-2014 Bessie was 5 months old and weighed 58 lbs but on 1-4-2015 when Bessie was 6 months old she weighed 67.5 lbs. Bessie won't be 7 months old until February 1st.

The only records of Ruff's weight come from his visits to the Vet. I did not keep track of his weight at home as I have been with Bessie. The next target date for comparison will be May 1st when Bessie is 10 months old. On 9-18-2007 when Ruff was 10 months old he weighed 92.7 lbs. Bessie has only 22 pounds to go to catch up to him in the next 3 1/2 months and she has consistently gained over 10 pounds every month up to now.
Bessie has already grown larger than Ruff did on the last two comparison dates. When Bessie was 6 months old she weighed 2.5 lbs more than Ruff did when Ruff was a month older.
I am guessing that Bessie will weigh 100 pounds by her first birthday on July 1, 2015.

Might not need a bigger boat but my mini van sure is going to get crowded.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Kiss seen round the world.

Who cares if it is a May - December romance. We also call it puppy love, for a good reason. I know that Ruff was suffering from a broken heart after his lifelong girl Sassy went to the bridge. He told me he was every day. So I began searching everywhere for an adult female Rottweiler to keep him company. My search was in vein. Adult female Rottweilers have an uncanny ability to steal the hearts of their humans and they are very hard to give up.
I know, I've told this story before but I am a romantic at heart and enjoy telling stories about love. You know the rest, on the spur of the moment I fell in love with the sweetest and prettiest little Rottweiler girl that I have ever seen and took her home. 

At first Ruff didn't know what to do with her. The only parenting skills he had were his old memories of Mocha and Sassy. So with the help of two other Dads, one human and one a grumpy old Rottweiler, we all did our best to raise a little girl. To make a long story short, we all fell in love.
I do not know who Bessie's parents were, I never got to meet them. But she is a big girl and she looks so much like Ruffin that I wouldn't be surprised if she is the offspring of one of his littermates. On the other hand, maybe what I tell my Rottweilers every day is really true. I tell them that LOVE is the most powerful vitamin in the world and since they get tons of it every day maybe this is what is making her grow so big. Just maybe.

Monday, January 12, 2015

If weeds had legs.

Catchy title, huh? Let me tell you the story and then you will understand it.

Ruffin and I have played a game for several years. Every time I went down to the basement to the laundry room or to get food from the freezer, Ruff would lay down at the top of the stairs and wait for me. I called him the Toll Collector because I would always sit down and smother him with hugs and kisses before he would let me pass on the way up.

Then Bessie began to do the same. At first I thought she was imitating Ruff and I called her the Junior Toll Collector in-training. Then I realized she was afraid of the stairs because she was too little. Then she got bigger and braver and she began to follow me down the stairs. And that’s when the trouble started.

We two-legged humans have no problem climbing up or down stairs. We just place one foot in front of the other. Dog are very different because having four legs and four feet they must develop a cadence or stride to their four-legged pace. And therein lies the problem with a puppy growing as fast as a weed.

Several weeks ago when Bess began to follow me to the basement she went down the stairs very carefully pausing on each step but on going back upstairs she was sort of clumsy and often tripped. I would coach her by climbing the stairs next to her and reminding her to be slow and careful. Then I finally realized the problem. The weed had legs. Her legs were growing so fast that her gait became different every time she was on the stairs. The length of her stride being longer with each growing spurt made her become off balance on the stairs. 

This problem has become rather difficult for me, as well. Bessie still follows me downstairs but she has become a little fearful going up the stairs after so many accidental trips. Now sometimes I have to lift her feet and help her climb each step. On other occasions when she is excited or in a playful mood, she takes the stairs with three or fours bounds. Leaping three steps at a time and not giving herself time to think about her fear.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pushing 70.

We may have discovered a new breed of Rottweiler. Bessie had a visit to her Vet a few days ago and the first words out of the doctor's mouth when he walked into the examining room was, "She is HUGE". If the Vet had seen what I see every day he might also have noted that she is growing as fast as a weed. Last week when Bess reached her 6-month birthday on January 1st she weighed in at 67.5 LBS. Today she is a half pound shy of 70 LBS.
I think we will name this new breed of Rottweiler, Amazonus Rottus. I like the title, it goes well with the Goofus Rottus we have been living with for the last 8 years.

And the love affair with her handsome hunk Ruffin continues, as it is in their world. I think it has something to do with their teeth. And whereas the size difference has changed somewhat since they started the daily combat lessons, Bess now weighs only 45 LBS less than Ruff does.
These pictures were taken in sequence this afternoon. When I walked in with my camera they stopped playing and looked at the camera, then returned to whatever it was they were doing. For want of a better word I call it aggressive love. It looks painful but no one has ever complained. Minor correction, when Bess had a mouthful of needle sharp baby teeth she did a job on Ruff's jowls and sent him to the Vet.
Earlier, I spotted Bess and Axl outside my den.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Growing, growing, growing.

First things first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BESS, you are now 6-months old. I'm sorry to say that announcement came a couple of days late.

I thought Bess had slowed down a bit on her growing but I managed to get her and me on our scale and she did increase a bit from a week ago. She is now 67 1/2 LBS. I don't know how much longer I can keep weighing her at home. We are both getting older. LOL. She is maintaining her 10-pounds a month growing schedule.
UPDATE 2-09-2015. I thought Bess had slowed down her growing this past month until I just read this post again. In the last month since this was written, Bessie has gone from 67 1/2 lbs to 75 lbs. OK, not quite the 10-pounds a month as noted but still growing. 
I took some new photos tonight. 
She sure does love to stretch herself out. And she is turning out to be a beautiful girl. I noticed a while back that when she goes through a growing spurt she gets very sleepy and takes a lot of naps all day long. I was measuring her weight a few times every week awhile back and saw her gain 2 whole pounds over a single weekend. Now I'm not sure if that is scientific or not but I look forward to her taking more naps.