Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adding insult to injury, more snow this morning, 26 days into Spring.

The weatherman began the forecast the other night by saying the dreaded "S" word was coming back. Well, we didn't get the expected 1-2 inches but it was enough to make the guys curious. I can easily understand the confused look on their faces when I took the three Rottweilers out this morning. On Sunday it was 81 degrees. Yesterday it rained and this morning, well, see for yourself.
Suddenly, Ruff heard a noise down the street and he went on alert mode. He does make a fine presentation, doesn't he.
Well, enough with this stuff, I said, "Let's all go have breakfast". And at the mere mention of the word breakfast they all started walking to the front door like a herd of cows heading back to the barn. 
Maybe if we all took a long nap Spring will come back.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Exploring the changes from our harsh Winter.

The ground was sufficiently dry to take Ruff for a walk down to the back today. We had 5 inches of rain earlier this week and I wasn't looking forward to giving him a bath. Every time he walks through the soggy grass his belly gets soaked with the muddy water his paws kick up.

Our old senior citizen Rottweiler Axl has been getting cataracts and I think his eyesight is getting bad. I've noticed the last few times I've taken the boys for a ride in the car, that Axl has problems getting out of the mini-van when we get home. It was bad enough when he began tripping over the door sill every time he trotted over to get in the car, now he has taken some falls trying to step out of it. I have stopped his tripping by making him step in slowly, even lifting his hind legs, but even helping him exit has become a problem. His hind legs don't seem very coordinated anymore, which adds to his problem. While this doesn't affect his car-riding enjoyment, he has another problem with stairs. He has refused to go down the stairs to the basement which is probably due to his eyesight. And that is the usual way we leave the house for our walks, so today he stayed in the living room with his Mom. With my wife's advancing Alzheimer's, and Axl going on 13 in September and Sassy already past 11, I am not looking forward to the day when it will only be me and Ruff alone together. I have placed notices in several dog shelters that I am interested in adopting an adult female Rottweiler to be a companion to Ruff. I came close to getting one a few months ago but the woman changed her mind when she learned how much her dog had bonded with her little children.

OK, enough with the grim and dreary. The Rottweilers are my major joy in life and that is what this blog is all about.
Seems the first place Ruff goes is to check under the fir trees where the rabbits live. Every once in awhile the Rottweilers spook one or two of them and the dart out and run to the woods. So that is where Ruff went.
Not sure if anyone was at home so Ruff then went further down the yard. Our property ends about 20 feet beyond the tree line but we never go there because there is a small creek that runs through it. The only time we can see the houses is when the trees have no leaves on them.
Then Ruff must have noticed I was carrying the camera so he decided to do some poses. He does this very well.

Yesterday we went to Petsmart and I took Ruff inside while Axl stayed in the car with his Mom. Ruff must have gotten hugs and kisses from some15 different customers including one on the way in the store and one in the parking lot while I was loading up the car. He had a very enjoyable day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome to the fourth day of Spring

The time is now 3:30 PM, EDST. It is almost 4 hours since my last post, this morning. The weatherman was right. It is snowing again. Took Ruff and Axl out to get the mail and they were somewhat confused. Can't say I blame them. Yesterday the Sun was out and the temperature was in the 50's.
I just remembered something the weatherman said last night. He said the latest we have had snow in this area was the first week of May. Now that is encouraging, isn't it.

The eternal battle between Spring and Winter goes on.

Well, March 21st has come and gone. That happened to be the first day of Spring, in case you wondered. We are wondering about it, too. Wondering where the heck it went. The weatherman said it is supposed to snow this afternoon. Not much more than a dusting but enough to add insult to injury. So if we can't do anything about the weather at least we can makes jokes about it.
Like this:
So what do we all do to deal with it? Well, we stay inside and give thanks we haven't had to mow the lawn yet. I still have the snow shovel standing outside the front door. The Rottweilers are doing the best they can, just like the humans. I wish I could sleep like they do.
Looking on the good side, the weather is supposed to get warmer next week and the predicted temperature for the opening day of the baseball season is supposed to be 70 degrees. I'll believe it when I see it.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Rottweilers love it and the humans are getting sick of it.

We had another snowstorm last night! This was the biggest of the winter season so far. Only good part is that it wasn't as big as the weather forecasters first predicted. But still, another 5-inches of snow has put us very close, if not passed, the all-time record for snow in this area. I lost count when we started getting close to 50-inches of snow because it came down in about 15 different storms. But I can't really complain when all of our Rottweilers are enjoying it so much. And I am very glad to be retired and do not have to fight my way into work every day.

Just a few more pictures of our backyard this afternoon while Ruffin and Axl went out to explore.

Wow, not a footprint in sight. Ruff was the first to trek upon the virgin snow.
From the kitchen window it does look pretty.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's back. The Polar Vortex returns.

As if someone wrote a script, right on cue this afternoon we just started having another snowstorm. I just read this morning on Accu Weather that the Polar Vortex was coming back. The same thing that brought us sub-zero temperatures only a few weeks ago along with 25 inches of snow higher than our annual averages. 

Polar Vortex to Once Again Grip Midwest, Northeast

By , Senior Meteorologist
February 23, 2014; 9:45 AM
Wednesday and Thursday look to be Rottweiler weather. Our boys love the cold and the snow. I took these pictures a little while ago when they were outside covered in snow flakes.
Is that a confused look on Axl's face?
Yesterday we all went for a walk down to the back and the ground was very soggy from all the rain and melted snow. I don't think they have gotten used to this winter yet. We had ice and snow on the ground continuously for almost two straight months.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

5 more inches of snow. But who's counting.

It sure is great to have wonderful neighbors. Last night around midnight I heard the sound of a snowblower outside. I looked out my window and saw my next door neighbor had come over and was cleaning my driveway just after it stopped snowing. As soon as it warms up a little bit so I can work in the garage, I'm going to try and get my own snowblower working again.

Well, the weatherman was right again. We woke up this morning to a beautiful, clean blanket of snow 5 inches deep and the sky was clear and the sun was shining. What more could three Rottweilers want?

So we all went out before breakfast and this is what it looked like.
Do you know how well insulated their fur is? Sassy can lay in the snow and it won't melt on her when she gets up. I hope to get back down to the backyard later to take some more pictures. I'm sure the boys would like that as well.
Correction: Yesterday I mentioned we had about 30 inches of snow so far this winter. I was wrong, I just checked. Including the 5 inches we had last night, the total accumulation so far is 42.8 inches.

Friday, February 14, 2014

IT'S BACK. We are getting More Snow.

I must be the only one in the house who is beginning to hate this winter. Certainly the Rottweilers don't hate it, they love going out and I always have dry towels waiting for them when they come back in covered in snow. My wife has a lot of trouble walking now so the only time she goes out is when I help her to the car to go shopping and we've pared that down to once every two or three weeks. We did get to enjoy one day this week when the temperature just barely got above freezing. Now we are looking forward to 4-5 inches of snow tonight and another storm coming Sunday or Monday.

Like I said, the Rottweilers know how to deal with it whether they are inside or out.

Here is Ruff sleeping on the couch while he was supposed to be babysitting his Mom yesterday afternoon.
And here is a picture of Axl laying next to his Mom on the couch. I took this a few hours ago. You should know that I was sitting on the couch next to her a few minutes before I took the picture. Axl started making a lots of complaining sounds so I got up to see what he wanted – like maybe he had to go out – and as soon as I got up off the couch, he climbed up where I was sitting and laid down. He just wanted to be next to his Mom and he made me move. And then he gave me a dirty look when I took his picture.
And it wouldn't be complete without a picture of our beautiful weather. Taken from the comfort of the kitchen window. That's Ruff in the background, going for a walk by himself. This was also a few hours ago. Tomorrow the scenery will look a lot better after the snow stops.
I estimate we have gotten some 30 inches of snow this winter and every time it snows I think of the unfortunate people in the northeast. We have gotten all of our snow in a dozen little storms while they seem to have gotten about the same amount in only two or three big storms. Like the saying goes, "It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings."
Yesterday when the sun came out for awhile I noticed the yard was full of Robins. They must have traveled back here expecting Spring to be around the corner. They looked sort of confused and were all gone today.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Real Christmas Trees

Finally had an opportunity to take Ruff for a walk down to the back of our property today. I am so glad we did. The weather is still icy cold but the sun was shining and the sky was clear. It was strange walking on top of the ice-covered snow. It made crunchy sounds and in places my shoes broke through the ice. But when we got to the clump of fir trees I planted years ago it was like walking into a Christmas display. The ice storm left long icicles hanging from every branch. Words cannot describe it so here are some pictures.
Click the pictures for a larger view.
And Ruff took his red rubber ball with him.
My neighbor's back yard.

And not a single footprint in the snow.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

With and without a Rottweiler, it is still a beautiful sight.

The bad news is the below-freezing cold weather will be around for at least another week. The good news is we get to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery. And the ice storm on Tuesday has produced a candy-coating on every branch, bush and twig. Tonight I happened to see what happens when the sun sets behind the ice coated trees. The ice glowed with the color of the sunset and lit up like Christmas trees.

One of these two pictures does have a Rottweiler in it so it qualifies to be here. The sunset photo is just an added bonus.

2-6-2014 time: 5:55 PM
2-6-2014 time: 5:45 PM

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Frozen. Adding an ice storm on top of our snowy Winter.

I'm beginning to think our Rottweilers are getting a little confused with our weather. We seem to be having one to two small snowstorms every week and it started in early December. The Rotts love the snow and are eager to go out in it. But then within the last two weeks we have had some brief warm spells that melted all the snow and they get disappointed when it is gone. Then a few days later we have another storm and the snow is back. There are some advantages to this in the old snow gets all dirty and the new snow is like starting all over again.

Take yesterday, for instance. The sun warmed things up a little and the snow almost all melted. I took the boys out back and they did some exploring.
Then the ice storm hit late in the evening. By 11 PM when I took everyone out for their last pee before bedtime, we were in full sleet mode and freezing rain. It made for a very quick potty visit.
Our flag was covered in ice and stiff as a board.
Then this morning the world was all different. We had gotten about 3-inches of snow followed by an inch or two of sleet followed by freezing rain. The first thing that got the Rotts puzzled was they were walking on top of the stuff and not in it and it was slippery, to boot. Let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Something old and something new.

During our on again, off again Arctic Winter this past week I mentioned in one of my posts about Ruff and Axl at one time a few years ago running across the frozen pool in our backyard. I went back on this blog today to find the pictures and discovered only one of them had been published on February 20, 2010 in Scenes of Winter with our Rottweilers. I had several pictures of them doing this when Axl was still young enough and spry enough to run around with his new best friend. That blue thing in the photo is the diving board which I now remove when I close the pool. Back then the pool was closed up using a solid cover on top of the water to catch the snow melt and rain and the safety cover was laid on top. The safety cover is made with thick bands of material attached to anchors in the concrete sidewalk around the pool but in between the bands is a mesh fabric that can no longer hold the weight of the dogs on it so now I place the solid plastic cover over it which sags with the rain water. This is why the Rottweilers can no longer run across it even if the water below is solid ice.

So here is the best of the bunch along with a few new ones taken today. I just love to watch them run around and play with each other. They always did this in the larger back yard when we went for our walks. These two became best friends from the first day we brought Axl to his forever home. Sassy would not approve of this kind of play.
From February 20, 2010
In all of the past photos of Axl and Ruff running around, before age started to catch up to him, Axl was always the fastest and Ruff could never catch him. But when they jumped on each other in play it also seemed that Axl was teaching Ruffin that he was the older, more senior Rottweiler and Ruff had to learn to respect him. In the third photo down that's Axl on top of Ruff.

And here are two pictures of Ruff taken today with the telephoto lens from the kitchen window. While the snow still seems to be about 4-5 inches deep in other places, it seems to be less than an inch deep in the back. Those little round brown objects are the dried up sticky balls from the Gum tree.