Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Best Friend Forever just got another year older.

Ruffin had a birthday yesterday, November 13th, and he is now 11 years old. I baked him a meatloaf birthday cake, covered with mashed potato icing and we all shared it. 

But first I have to tell you how we spent our wonderful day paying tribute to our birthday boy.

On Sunday, I posted a notice on my Facebook page telling everyone what the plans were for the big day on Monday. I wanted to do something very special for Mr. Ruff and I thought up the idea of having an all-day photo marathon.
Then shortly after Midnight I signed off for the night with a photo of the birthday boy himself, in all his obscene shameless glory

Tuesday morning I started off with this first post.
Just a small historical note: On this day, November 13th, 11 years ago, the world's most handsome, gorgeous and beautiful Rottweiler was born. These are not my words describing Ruff, my best friend forever, these are the names he has been called by women when they first met him. 

So now the day-long marathon begins. Sad to say I do not carry my camera away from home too often.
An hour later I made the second post.
I have tried to understand Ruffin's attraction to women. The best reason I believe is he was raised by three females, my wife Jacqueline, and his foster mom's Mocha and Sassy. Someone recently commented that one other possibility was he was imprinted with the scent of the first person who handled him and that would be a breeder named Theresa Howard.
Now it was beginning to look like This Is Your Life, Ruff. So I retold the story about how much Ruff used to love watching The Wheel of Fortune on TV. Have I mentioned that years ago Ruff had a crush on Vanna White? Every night we all watched Wheel of Fortune and Ruff never took his eyes off of Vanna. No doubt he has very good taste in pretty girls.
Then I told the story about how came to love horses.
Just a side note to that last post about Ruff watching Wheel of Fortune. If you do a Google Image Search for "Rottweilers watching TV" you will see many more photos of Ruff. After the day when he kissed a horse Ruff was suddenly a big fan and all we had to say was "Horses on TV" and Ruff would run into the room to watch. So then we started to tune in the different horse races and Ruff would stand right up to the TV and sometimes leave his nose prints on the screen.
And some outdoor shots of macho man Ruff.
Ruff is an all-season Rottweiler. But he loves cold air and snow.
I know its a little early for mentioning Thanksgiving but a few years ago I bought some Rottweiler flags designed for different holidays and the flag for Thanksgiving looked just like Ruff.
But of course, by now you realize that Ruff is very photogenic. He has had so many photos taken of him that he starts posing when he sees the camera.
And then at dinner time we celebrated Ruff's birthday and we all had a feast. And I must say I cook a very tasty meatloaf. All of my Rottweilers think I am a very good cook.


Friday, November 10, 2017

All about LOVE.

Love makes the world go 'round. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love is the strongest vitamin. You cannot live without love. Every day I am constantly reminded of love. I see it going on between Ruffin and Bessie as well as between Ruffin and me and Bessie and me.  And once in awhile all three of us have group hugs and kisses.

How Rottweilers fall in love.
Only people who are fortunate to live with Rottweilers will know what these two are doing. If you don’t know Rotties then you might not understand these photos. Just know this, they are not fighting. They are playing a game called love. This is how they show their affection for each other.

Surrounded by love.
Ruff did a very good job raising baby Bess all by himself. Ruff taught Bess everything he knows. Especially the best parts: the kisses. I used to joke about what appeared to be the daily "hand-to-hand" combat sessions. Looking back over the last 22 years I saw how the female Rottweilers in our family were always the leaders. So I often wrote that while Ruffin was doing his best to raise the midget furball I called Bessie, he was in fact training her to become a "warrior Queen". Now Bess is 110 lbs and as tall and long as Ruff but as gentle with him as any human caregiver would be.
Well, we never got to see the "warrior Queen". Bessie grew up to be a shy girl who never acts pushy around Ruff. Maybe that's because Ruff never had anyone to play with besides the little girl. I recall our last girl, Sassy, who was always bossing around Ruff and Axl when they were roughhousing. But Bess has become a self-appointed protector of me and the house. At least as far as everyone and every thing outside. 
Bessie's body language says it all.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Seven will have to do, for the time being, anyway

More problems with a lack of information and poor communications have squashed the plan to adopt Alexa from the rescue group in Florida. I don't want to start slinging mud at anyone trying to do a good deed rescuing Rottweilers but all of these groups, not just the one in Florida, need to provide concise and up to date details and not be so touchy when receiving requests for information.

Fall is in full swing here and that means bad road conditions and travel will be very limited so I will not be looking for any more Rottweilers until next Spring.

I received many suggestions from friends on Facebook about how to get an adopted dog transported. The volunteer drivers are the best but are few and far between. I am most appreciative to Sam who lives in North Carolina for volunteering to do some of the driving. But Sam was the only one. One thing I am certain of is I would never consider a commercial transporter, either via ground or air.

Thanks to everyone for their heartfelt comments.

I have been fortunate over the last 22 years to have lived with 7 Rottweilers and for the time being 7 will have to be enough.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Eight is Enough, version 2.0

Some things don't always work out the way you planned.  The plans to adopt Rossi fell through with some bad news from the rescue group that had him.

Turns out the people who wrote Rossi's web page bio forgot to mention that he didn't get along with other male dogs. Then, when they sent me an email two days ago telling me this they just happened to comment: "because Ruff is 11 years old how do you you plan to keep them separated until he goes to the bridge." I told them to keep their dog, Ruff is more important to me. 

But I have another rescue in mind so don't be disappointed. Please meet Alexa. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her eyes.
Alexa is a southern girl who comes from Miami, Florida by way of Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue. She is 5 years old.

But life is not always easy. This applies to Alexa as well as me. This Rottweiler rescue group in Florida has no organized transporting system. This means it is up to me to find volunteers to pick her up and drive her north to Kentucky. 

One small advantage is location. Right now Alexa is located in Gainesville, Florida and that is right on the Interstate 75 corridor. And up here in northern Kentucky, so am I. Its only a matter of 775 miles or a one way 12 hour drive. 
Because of Ruffin's loss of eyesight I feel he cannot be safely put in a boarding facility so I have to take him wherever I go. That limits me to round trips within a single day.

One of my long time friends of this blog, the man named Sam who I have written about a few years ago, has volunteered to take Alexa part way. Sam retired to a small town in the western part of North Carolina but he loves Rottweilers so much he told me he is willing to travel a bit south to meet up with anyone bringing Alexa north. And we plan on meeting up in Berea, Kentucky, about 30 miles south of Lexington.

So all we need is a few more people to fill in the gap.

All expenses paid. (by me)