Sunday, November 18, 2018

Movies, movies and more movies.

When the weather turns bad we all stay inside.

Doing this post in reverse order. First post was all about last night. (11-17) This post has 44 photos, largest one ever.

Saturday night at the movies.
Started out at 8:30 to watch a movie. As soon as I sat down on the couch I was mugged by Bess and Griff who seemed to be competing who could give me the most kisses. I couldn't watch the TV with these two on top of me so I stopped the movie and set up the camera to show everyone what living with Rottweilers is like in my house. p.s. the beard is for my Santa Claus role next month.
 After posting the first batch of photos I made another attempt to watch the movie. Bessie laid down on the other loveseat and Griff started another game of roughhouse with her. Bess didn't want to play so she came over and laid on my couch as if she wanted my protection. Griffin wouldn't give up so I let them play while I watched the movie. The movie is in my collection and I've seen it a few times so watching them play wasn't much of a distraction.
After the movie Griffin was still in a mood for play. He started chewing on my shoe. The shoe I was wearing on my foot.
Almost a snow day.
Almost never counts.
Started off the day with a pretty dusting of snow. By this afternoon it was all gone. Bess and Griff still love playing in the leaves.


Oh, crap. We have freezing rain outside. Just took the dogs out and almost slipped and fell. Weatherman said it has been below freezing all day today and the freezing rain was coming overnight. If you're driving to work BE CAREFUL.
Freezing rain last night gave us an amazingly beautiful morning. At least if you didn't have to drive to work. My trees took it well but my next door neighbor's huge Pin Oak lost a few big branches. I think there's a moral to be learned here. The mighty oak for all its strength was not flexible enough to bend under the weight of the ice. The weaker trees like my Japanese maples had not trouble with the ice.

Another movie night.
Just finished watching the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp with my two best friends. Lots of fun and amazing stuff. Started of with Bessie laying next to me on the couch but she traded spots with Griffin who slept through the whole movie.
And lastly, I found another interest to engage in. The woman I donated all of Jacqueline's clothes to after she passed away also runs a street ministry and works at a homeless shelter. One Friday of every month I pledged to cook up 10 gallons of Navy Bean Soup for her to take to the shelter. These pictures are the last two batches plus one with me wearing my chef's hat.

   Bon App├ętit

Friday, November 9, 2018

This has been one helluva week

Best we begin and work backward.

Yesterday we had a celebration here in our house. Griffin was inducted into the JIF peanut butter jar cleaning club. I think JIF should get some kind of award from the dog world for making this mouth-watering food. And just to think two months ago my newest family member didn't like peanut butter. So I had to take some pictures.
And the last picture was a lucky accident. I placed the empty jar on the kitchen table after Griff licked the inside but I guess he wasn't finished with it because he tried to grab it and knocked it over just as I took the picture.
And if anyone needs a reminder here are three photos of Ruffin and Bessie and Axl taken two years ago doing the very same thing: licking clean the spatula after cleaning the peanut butter jar. Every one of our Rottweilers has joined this club. As the next three pictures show.
I haven't been buying too many BluRay movies lately since they raised the prices again so I started renting a few from Redbox. Not a bad price for a one night rental but once in awhile I will buy a special movie to add to my collection like I did a few days ago. I bought a copy of Show Dogs and thought everyone here would enjoy a doggie movie. Especially since the main character was a Rottweiler.

Just watched the Rottweiler movie Show Dogs last night. Very funny and enjoyable, and the talking animals worked well, but then I could watch any movie for an hour and a half with a Rottweiler in almost every scene. Griffin was on the couch next to me and he watched most of it, too.
And finally a word about the elections. The good news is all the good guys (and ladies) in Kentucky won. I won't get into what happened elsewhere, but we were actively supporting Savannah Maddox for state representative and she won by a landslide. After all, Kentucky is a Red State.