Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tinkerbelle likes living with the Rottweilers.

Our friend Lucy has found the apartment she was looking for and will be moving in on Thursday. And, she will be taking her little dog Tinkerbelle with her. I think the Rottweilers will be very disappointed when she leaves. Axl and Ruff have really enjoyed their little friend and they follow her everywhere. Tinker likes all the attention she has been getting and she has adopted some of our Rotts habits. Axl and Ruff love to watch me cook dinner and lay on the kitchen floor every night, now Tinker has joined them. Here are a few more pictures of people and dogs doing nothing special.
Click the pictures for a larger view.
Good thing Lucy won't be too far away when she moves. We will all be looking forward to more visits now.

The rainiest month of April in the history of Northern Kentucky.

No pictures could capture what this month of April has been like. We have already had almost 13 inches of rain and 2 to 4 more inches are expected in the remaining days of the month that will surpass the 150-year historical record for rainfall. In other words, it has really been wet outside. The rain makes for a lot of flooding in low lying areas but we live on higher ground. On our property the backyard becomes super-saturated and turns into a bog that makes for wet muddy feet when we take the Rotts out for a walk. Multiply wet muddy feet times 12 and you get the picture. Hopefully it will soon end and we can get out and enjoy the trees and the grass and the flowers.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Rotts are enjoying some visitors.

Our friend Lucy has come back from North Carolina to find an apartment here and she is staying with us for a few weeks. She brought her little Dachshund named Tinkerbelle with her. Our Rottweilers have been so excited with their new visitor and have made friends with her and they go everywhere in the house together.
Jackie and Lucy went shopping this morning so I spent some time following Tinker, Ruff and Axl around the house with my camera. They are all getting along fine  in spite of the size difference.
Click the pictures for a larger view.
  These photos were shot with the camera on the floor and I wasn't able to frame it but it shows just how large Ruff looks from Tinker's point of view.
Then I went downstairs and all three decided to follow me.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Having fun on a dreary, rainy day.

Its been raining all day and we've been cooped up in the house. My wife complained her hands were cold and asked me to get her warmed up. I told her to hug a Rottweiler because their body temperature is 4 degrees warmer than ours. So she followed my advise and tucked her hands inside her sweatshirt and gave Axl a big hug. 
They all seemed to enjoy the moment.


Our three Rotts visit a pretty German girl.

We had a break in the weather the other day and it was warm enough to go for a walk down to the back of our property. The ground was still pretty soggy from all the rain but we managed to find dry spots to walk on. My neighbor who lives on the street behind us owns two German Shepherds named Rommel and Maggie. They have visited us many times and our guys all enjoy playing with them. Maggie spotted us when we got near the back and came running over to see her old friends. 
And typical of the saying, dogs will be dogs, Maggie was thoroughly checked out by everyone, Ruff, Axl and our girl Sassy.
We then walked Maggie back to her house but of course the four dogs all ran ahead and got there a few minutes before we did. In the past when our Rottweilers escorted Maggie or Rommel back home they all usually invited themselves inside.  The first time they did this the only one home was my neighbor's wife, who had never met our Rottweilers before. By the time my wife and I had reached the open garage where the dogs had gone, they were all inside the woman's kitchen and she was very amused over the crowd her dogs had brought home with them. This time, my neighbor realized that if the Rottweilers had come for a visit then we must be close behind so he came out to see us and we had a nice visit.