Thursday, May 8, 2014

Remembering our little girl Sassy with some more pictures.

 Yes, sitting on Casey cat, her best friend.
Taking a nap with her best friend.
 Having dinner with her best friend.
When I bought baby Ruffin from a breeder in January 2007 our old girl Mocha was already 12 years old and even though she readily adopted him as her new baby it was Sassy who stepped in and helped with the training. You might say that Ruffin had two Moms and his life was dominated by females but everything seems to have turned out all right with him and I was grateful to have the opportunity to document Sassy's motherly instincts. For the rest of her life Sassy always ruled the house with our much larger males Ruff and Axl. She kept a low profile until their misbehavior or rough-housing called for her to step in and put a stop to it.
Teaching baby Ruffin discipline.
He was a slow learner.

I don't know what Sassy was teaching Ruffin in these pictures. They were just tongue kissing.
But this was very obvious. 
Good Bye, Sweetheart. I will never forget you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Once again, the sadness has entered our life. Our little girl Sassy has died.

I had to put Sassy to sleep today. As she closed her eyes for the last time her face was wet with the tears that had fallen from my cheeks. She was a brave little fighter but there was nothing the Vet could do to fix the problems with her kidneys and liver that suddenly overcame her only a week ago. She was our little sweetheart for 11 years and filled our lives with joy every day. Tomorrow she will be buried next to her adopted mother Mocha at the Highland Pet Cemetery in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. 

We adopted Sassy when she was only 7 weeks old, she was born in a Humane Shelter on January 15, 2003. She was the offspring of a pair of Rottweilers that had been picked up by the Kentucky State Police in 2002 during a drug raid near Bowling Greene, Kentucky. The drug dealer though the Rottweilers would protect his property but when the police came they greeted them like company coming to visit. Those two dogs were so gentle the police turned them over to the shelter for adoption and while there Sassy was born. Her mother and father were placed on a farm in Indiana. Here are some photos I took of her over the years.
This is Mocha on the left with Mo's father Nikko on the right.
Sassy had torn both ACLs when she was young and had surgery to repair them but over the years the repair caused her more problems which resulted in a long-time pain management program. All the while during her life she had a unique way of greeting everyone with a loud, happy Woo Woo call and I started calling her my Woo Woo Girl. 
Sassy's adopted mother Mo was our full-time papergirl and Sassy often accompanied her when she went out to pick up and bring in our newspaper. I thought that Sassy would follow in her mother's footsteps but she did not. Mo died in 2008.
May 20, 2011 seems so long ago.
And happier times, just rolling in the leaves.
I will miss you my little sweetheart and your sad expressions that always touched my heart.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A beautiful day for a walk.

Finally got a chance to cut the grass in the back. The Sun was out and the weather was warm and all the rain last week sure made the grass grow. Then it was time to take the boys out for a long walk. They haven't been out for several days because of the rotten weather we had. So, of course, they had to explore.
All of a sudden Ruff started looking over towards our neighbors property because he heard something. Sure enough we had visitors coming. Maggie and Rommel must have heard them and walked over for a visit.
It always amazes me how much they listen to conversation because at this point we had been out for some time and we had just started heading back to the house so after Maggie and Rommel had been here for a few minutes I told Ruff and Axl that we had to go home to take care of Mom. With that the two German Shepherds turned around and heading home.