Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How goofy can a Rottweiler get?

We soon learned that when Rottweilers live in a home filled with love and are treated with kindness and affection, they tend to let out their inner personalities. Sort of like a person's libido getting unleashed when they get drunk. (no pun intended)  Rottweilers love to entertain their humans by just being themselves which can be quite goofy at times. I have collected a lot of pictures of these silly acts and here are a few of them.

Here is Sassy in a hat made out of the cut off sleeve from an old sweatshirt. She wears it with pride just like it was part of a uniform.

Click the pictures to see a larger view.

Here is Mocha wearing the same hat but Mo decides to add a goofy expression.

A little computer touch-up work with PhotoPaint and we have a funny picture to share with everyone.

This picture shows just how bad a little puppy can be sometimes.

And here we see humans and Rottweilers coexisting in the same house.

If you think these pictures are goofy just wait until you meet the next new member of our family. Ruff. That's him, below.