Sunday, January 30, 2011

I found a few more things that Ruff doesn't like.

Anyone who owns a Rottweiler knows they all have distinctly different personalities. And the more you own the more evident it becomes. We have had the pleasure of owning six of these wonderful canines and each in their own way has been an enjoyable acquaintance. Our 4 year Ruff has just as many likes and dislikes as any person you will meet. Ruff expresses himself with a variety of sounds and gestures, usually some low growls of disapproval, that let you know he is a very opinionated Rottweiler.

Ruff likes to watch television and here we find he shows off his opinions most of all. I have already posted a piece about Ruff enjoying the Wheel of Fortune and especially his affection for Vanna White. Since the day when he was younger and he met his first horse (October 7, 2008) Ruff is always on alert whenever he sees a horse on television. I think he remembers that shy moment when the horse walked up to him in the field and he got to see how big it was. That didn't stop him from going nose-to-nose and we are all happy the horse was used to seeing Rottweilers and wasn't afraid.

Following his contact with that horse, Ruff has always been fascinated by horses. Ruff watched the entire Belmont Stakes horse race (June 6, 2010) almost literally with his nose glued to the TV. And he seemed to like the chestnut-colored horses better than the others. I wonder why?
Now we know some things he doesn't like.
There are many things on television that Ruff does not like. Mostly, they involve scenes of violence in cop dramas, but Ruff doesn't like sports where people run around and jump on each other like football. Now we have found another sport Ruff doesn't like, Bull Riding. Today we watched a contest on television from Indianapolis and Ruff definitely did not approve of the bulls tossing off the cowboys.
With the advent of High Definition television all of these images on TV are crystal clear and that makes them even more lifelike. The end result is we are constantly cleaning nose prints off the TV screen. But watching Ruff's reaction to these things is almost as enjoyable as watching the TV  programs, themselves.

Ruff Attacked by a Sea Monster.

A few days ago we picked up a free rental video of "IMAX Under the Sea" and watched it on our Blu-Ray DVD player. The images of the fish were absolutely incredible when seen in 1080P High Definition. In one scene there was an ugly looking fish called a Cuttlefish and the camera looked like it was only a few feet away from it. The Cuttlefish stalked a Shrimp and in a flash shot out a long tentacle to snare it and Ruff immediately ran up to the television to see what had happened. While Ruff was standing right in front of the screen the fish caught another Shrimp and Ruff was so startled by the violence he fell over trying to jump back. His feet were sliding on the floor trying to gain traction in his flight to safety. This big brave Rottweiler then ran behind the couch to stand next to his Mom for protection. Needless to say, Ruff voiced several complaints after this.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The story about Axl and his blankie

As far as Rottweilers go, of the six we have owned (or who have owned us) the latest member of our family, Axl, is the sweetest, most gentle and devoted of all of them. And we have only had the pleasure and joy of knowing him for the last year and a half of his nine years. We adopted Axl when he was seven in August of 2009 after his previous owner's home was destroyed in a fire and she could not take him to her new home. Almost from the day he entered his new home, Axl became devoted to my wife Jackie. He followed her around the house, he lays next to her on the couch with his head on her lap when we watch TV and he sleeps next to her on the bed at night. 

When the first Winter came after Axl arrived my wife decided he needed a small blanket over him to help keep him warm on the bed. Axl never complained that he didn't want it or needed it, he just accepted it. My guess is that was because it was a gift from his Mom and that made it special.

Then the blanket started to go wherever he went and my wife would sometimes cover him with it when he took a nap on the couch in the day-time during the cold weather.
On occasion the blanket, now referred to as Axl's blankie, began to go with Axl wherever he went and when he got off the couch he often carried the blankie around the house with him still where his Mom had placed it, over his back.
Today was one of those days only something different happened that made me think of a scene from a favorite old movie. Axl walked out into the kitchen following his Mom wearing his old blankie still draped over his shoulders.
And when my wife opened the refrigerator door to get something it looked like a scene from the movie E.T. The Extraterrestrial.

You be the judge, don't take my word for it.

Hope you enjoyed our crazy adventures.

After the movie - Sleeping Beauty.

On second thought maybe this should be called Sleeping Beauty - after the movie. We weren't watching the movie Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty was sound asleep on the couch.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sassy is such a flirty girl.

I walked into the family room tonight and saw Sassy on the couch. As soon as she saw me she rolled over on her back and gave me a look. When I came back in with the camera she was no longer on her back so I asked her to roll over again and she did.
Sassy is getting along much better now that she is taking her Rimadyl for her bad legs. Poor little girl has had a rough life almost since the day we adopted her but she has always been so sweet and loveable. She had surgery on both of her torn ACLs and has been on pain management for almost two years with Tramadol.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow and the Rottweilers love it.

This Winter has given us more snow than any other on record, so far. We had 21 inches in December and just added another 5 inches a few days ago. Needless to say, Ruff, Axl and Sassy are enjoying every minute of it. Here are a few pictures taken this afternoon. The nice thing is all of the snow has come in small amounts, nothing like the 18 inches they got on Long Island in one day.
Ruff and Axl explored the woods in the back of our property.
Then the boys started horsing around. 
Little Sassy didn't approve and went after Axl to make him stop.

 And when Sassy says STOP she means STOP.
But Ruff wasn't listening so Sassy had to remind him. Sassy does not like playing.
As quiet as it is in our house the boys still manage to act like boys and play when ever they get a chance. And Sassy, as quiet as she is still sets all the rules and she will stare them down when ever they get too rowdy.
By the way, the Sun wasn't out so I had to adjust the expose on these pictures in the computer.