Friday, April 26, 2013

Rottweilers, heads and tails.

More Rottie butts but then I decided to also shoot a picture from the other side. The floor and the couches are busy places. They lay on the couches until it gets too warm then they go lay on the floor to cool off. And the couch where their Mom sits is the most popular.
There is a lot of traffic during the night while we sit an watch television with one climbing on a couch and the other climbing off. But these pictures were taken shortly before the TV was turned off and we took them out to potty before bedtime.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

What goes on behind the couch.

The big blue leather couch, the favorite sleeping and lounging place for our two male Rottweilers is frequently seen in many of my pictures. But never before have I shown what lies behind the couch. This is not the place where Ruff and Axl usually go. This is where Sassy enjoys her daytime sheepskin rug bed and sometimes where she stays while we watch television. But tonight I found that Sassy had a visitor, an old friend she used to have affections for. So I went and got the camera. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

None but the brave enjoy visits here.

I love going through Google Image Searches looking at pictures of other people's Rottweilers. Not so much the sterilized breeders photos of the Rottweilers with the blank stare in their eyes but the ones taken in a family environment. I also like seeing some of my own photos pop up in these searches. Some of our best Rottie pictures involve our two best friends Bev and Rich who also own two Rottweilers and a Doberman. Rich loves to play with our boys every time he visits and I think they feel that every visitor that comes here should be treated the same way. Which is why I say only the brave come for visits.

But then the other day I came across this photo that was taken at a Canadian dog show and it reminded me very much of our own baby Rottweiler, Ruffin.

I think they are all alike. They just love to give kisses.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mom's two very proud protectors always on guard.

I found a way to watch my wife and keep her from wandering away and still do the gardening. And the Rottweilers seem to enjoy helping out, too. I put a chair on the front patio, hooked Ruff to a leash and got Jackie to sit outside and hold on to him. This lets me keep an eye on her while I'm working. Her Alzheimer's is getting her in trouble when she is left alone and this new trick seems to work out fine for everyone. And the two boys sure looked proud being on guard.

And little Sassy took up her forward guard position just in case.
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A friendly visitor and a rude greeting.

I have been fairly busy since Spring finally arrived. I have still been taking pictures of our Rottweilers but haven't found the time to post them. In between the rainy days when the backyard is dry enough for our walks we have enjoyed the trees budding out. A few days ago on one of our walks we had a visitor. One of our neighbors has a male and female German Shepard dogs and the female, named Maggie, comes over for a visit once in awhile. This always makes for great excitement because Ruff and Axl like girl dogs best and manage to make clowns of themselves around Maggie. On this particular day Ruff had his red rubber ball in his mouth and we had been playing catch with it. But when Maggie walked by Ruff seemed to totally ignore her because he was still holding his ball. I am just guessing he didn't want to share it with anyone. He never paid her any attention.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

They don't always sleep on the couches when we watch TV.

Most of the pictures on this blog of our Rottweilers show them laying or sleeping on our couches while we watch TV. Tonight they didn't do that. If you happen to like photos of Rottie butts you might enjoy this.


My watchdog.

This would have ordinarily been a rather crappy picture but it could not have been taken any other way except through the storm door. Ruff and I always get up a few hours before my wife and Axl. So after we have breakfast Ruff goes out by himself for some fresh air. The fenced in part of our backyard has the rear deck and one side overlooks the garage area below the house. We have two back doors to the deck. The way the house was built the door in the picture below had a strange looking door/window installed when we bought the house 9 years ago. I replaced this with a real outside door and storm door to match the one on the other side of the room. When I built the deck I included a short extension to the side by this door and it became a popular hangout spot for our nosy Rottweilers. They like to lay out there and keep watch on our neighbors. So this morning after breakfast I noticed Ruff playing the part of our ever vigilant watchdog.
Here are two pictures of what it looked like before the deck was finished.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Lets play ball.

I had some great fun playing catch with Ruffin with one of his Kong balls yesterday and had the idea of trying to capture it with the camera. Jackie can't take pictures anymore so today I set up the Nikon D3200 on a tripod in Sports mode to use the high-speed shutter and the burst image mode to grab multiple images. My first tries seemed to work pretty good. And Ruffin managed to catch most of the balls.
This was the first attempt, and Ruff was a little too close. He almost landed on the camera.
The second try came out perfect.
On the third try the ball bounced off his nose and after he picked it up he ran away with it as if he was hurt and didn't want to play this game anymore. 
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Looks like Spring has finally arrived.

And maybe Spring Fever has already started. No, its just the end of a beautiful day and some of the old folks couldn't stay awake. Lucky for Ruff that he got some belly rubs while his Mom drifted off to sleep.