Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Something old and something new to end the year.

We went shopping today and stopped by the drive-thru at our favorite pharmacy to wish everyone a Happy New Year. As usual Ruff gets all the attention. The lady at the pharmacy thanked me for the Christmas card I dropped off and while we were talking she was joined by a few other girls who work there. Everyone was smiling at Ruff and Bess hanging out the window. I happened to mention that when we go into stores Ruff is the hugable one, especially when girls see him. So then we stopped in the pet store to pick up some dog food and Ruff did his thing once again. It must be his eyes and the way he looks at people. Or maybe his smiley happy face.
And I enjoy it when people come up to us and ask "Are they friendly? Can I pet them?" all the while their little stubby tails are wagging a mile-a-minute. But most of all, I really enjoy it when they say "They're beautiful".

Just looking back to a small sample of my favorite photos, in no particular order, here they are.

Didn't you know that Rottweilers could dance?
I often wondered where some people get their inspiration for depicting the normal lives of dogs. Two of my favorite cartoon strips used to be Dennis the Menace (and his dog Ruff) and also Marmaduke. So one day I found some cartoons that actually seemed like normal every day stuff around here and I put them together.

I took this next picture a few nights ago. It struck me as being funny because I spent $100 on that fancy dog bed and this is how Ruff sleeps on it. And as far as dog beds go, In all the years that old man Axl has been living here I have never been able to get him to sleep on one after he got to old to jump on his Mom's bed. It almost looks like Ruff came in late after some party and fell off his bed.

And just one final word

from all of us
Ruff, Bess, me, Jacqueline and Axl

Saturday, December 12, 2015

My second attempt to get my Christmas card photo.

Either I am getting old and losing my touch or the Rottweilers are getting bored having their picture taken. I have had another failed attempt to get this year's Christmas card photo. Without further comment here are the photos. Enjoy them anyway. I think I'll try an work with what I have.

And the winner is.... our 2015 Rottweiler Christmas card.

As I already mentioned, most of my first attempt to create this year's Rottweiler Christmas card wasn't very successful. I couldn't get old man Axl to sit up and I couldn't get any of the three Rotts to even look at the camera. OK, part of that was my fault because I shouldn't have brought the biscuits into the room. I don't know how to unlock their food radar. And my second attempt had a few different problems but I posted the working photos anyway. I think I already dropped a hint about which photo I was going to use even before the second try. So here it is, and I hope everyone enjoys it.
Merry Christmas
Wherever you are.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A change in the weather.

We had an unusual weather event over the past two days. At least for us it was. Heavy fog. Interestingly, our usually perceptive Rottweilers paid no attention to it. You would think that when you go outside and can't see across the street that you might wonder what's going on. None of our Rotts did. And the fog was pretty thick at times. Much more than this picture shows.
But the really unusual event was when the overnight temperatures dropped below freezing and it caused the fog to freeze on all the bushes, grass and trees. Its called hoarfrost. 
For some reason the white frosty covering remains on the trees and bushes longer than it does on the grass except when the morning sun shines on it but the effect on the grass is more dramatic. But once again it did not get anyone's interest.
I can't wait for baby Bess to enjoy her first snow. Last year she was too little to be allowed to run and play in it. I have already seen the affect the freezing cold air has on her. It makes her act crazy and run around like a nut. When she comes in the house her whole body was filled with exhilaration.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The 2015 Rottweiler Christmas card project begins

Oh what fun we had. Really! Its hard to describe the total lack of cooperation I got while trying out my new shutter remote. At least these will get a few laughs. We're going to try this again, possibly tomorrow. I didn't use any leashes today but the two big problems were Bessie didn't want to look at the camera and I was only able to get Axl to sit up for one picture.
The dry run. Checking the camera angle.
Notice that old man Axl is still laying in his favorite spot on the couch. I had thoughts of leaving him there and me squeezing in next to Jacqueline and then calling for Bess and Ruff to come site in front of us. It didn't work too well. I couldn't get Axl to move over at all and I was afraid to try and lift him.
Changed plans when Ruff and Bessie came in. I got Axl off the couch and I went to the kitchen and brought back a handful of small biscuits to bribe them with. Of course, Ruff's food radar zeroed in on the biscuits and he kept waiting for another handout. I gave one biscuit to Ruff and tossed two more on the floor for Bess and Axl hoping they would turn and look at the camera.
Then I realized that the camera wasn't picking up Axl so I had to tilt it down more. I also tried to get Bessie to site on the couch between my wife and me but all she wanted to do was lay in my lap and stare at the biscuits.
Then I got off the couch and picked up Axl so he was in a sitting position. This lasted only for one picture.
As usual the last picture always seems to be the best. Maybe its after everyone calms down, but I am going to have to refine my techniques and keep trying.
Followup: did you wonder what Bessie and Ruff were staring at in some of the above photos? Here is the answer.
They don't miss a thing.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Just another ordinary day

This first photo came with its own built-in caption. I was in the den this morning checking my email and the latest news when I heard a knock on my door. I had the door closed so as not to disturb my sleeping wife with the smell of my pipe tobacco while I was smoking. Well I knew it had to be one of my friends so I opened the door with my camera in hand and got a nice picture of Ruff and Bess coming in for a visit.
Knock, Knock. Who's there?
Being such people animals as they are they probably craved some human companionship which is something I kinda love about them. Bess has become my shadow and loves to follow me around. She spends a lot of time napping on her bed next to my office chair. Ruff is very much in love with Bess and hangs out with her a lot. Not as much as Bess hangs out with me because she wants to play with Ruff whenever they're together and Ruff likes a quieter relationship.

A few days back I found the whole crew in the family room keeping my wife company while she was taking a nap. It was either that or they were watching the TV which is always on for Jacqueline to watch. Love those 30-year old TV shows on Me-TV. Those were certainly some innocent days and they bring back fond memories.
I just noticed in this photo that old man Axl always lays on the right side of the couch while Ruff and Bess seem to take turns on the small leather chair and the other end of the couch.