Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our first Rottweiler family portrait

I ran to grab my camera as soon as I spotted our three Rottweilers together on the same couch. I have had so much trouble getting them to sit together for a photo and only had this good fortune once before. Coincidentally, this looks very much like the bookends photo I took months before with my wife Jackie sitting in the middle. This time it is Axl, Sassy and Ruff and they were posing for the camera as if they did this sort of thing all the time.

Sassy had to give me one of her little flirty looks.
What a bunch of hams they are.

Click the picture for a larger view.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Can you feel LOVE even in your sleep?

Last night we all sat in the living room and watched the spectacular closing ceremony of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. When it finished I realized that I was the only one still awake. On the other couch was my wife Jackie sleeping along with Ruff and Axl also asleep in her lap. I couldn't resist taking some pictures because of the serene look of peacefulness. I wondered about the half-smile noticeable on Jackie's face. Then I realized, Why not a smile? You can almost feel the love that is piled in her lap and I bet she could sense it, too, even in her sleep.

Then, after two flashes from the camera, they all started to wake up.