Sunday, May 28, 2017


Here is a photo of Ruff that is so peaceful it just makes you want to close your eyes and take a nap. At any time of day. That's the power of suggestion. The photo isn't new, it was taken a few years ago, but Ruff hasn't changed one bit so it is timeless.
Now if I could only get my big baby girl Bess to sleep so soundly on my bed at night. She has the most active dreams of any of my Rottweilers. She even runs in her sleep kicking me with her feet. All the while Ruff sleeps away the night on his bed on the floor snoring softly.
On the same subject of timeless photos and the power of suggestion, I might want to add that all of the Rottweilers in this house had unique ways of sleeping. Most preferred to take naps on the couches but a few slept upside down on the hard floors. So here's a few more pictures of Rottweilers sleeping and see if that doesn't make you feel a bit drowsy. 

One up and one down. Mamma Felony and daughter Mocha.
Two of Nikko Bear and his Mom ... and one with Casey the cat.
And last but not least, my crazy sweetheart Bess when she was smaller.
Ooops, almost forgot. Did I mention that some of them also liked to sleep in the bathtub? Here is Mocha and her father Nikko Bear.

That's it, I got them all.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Something old and something new and something to think about

Sometimes my camera isn't in the room where all the action is. Before I went back to my den to grab it Bess was giving Ruff a ton of kisses. When I got back she flirted with me. Bess is losing her shyness over the camera. I just wish she hadn't stopped showing attention to Ruff. She has lots of moments smothering the big guy with affection.
And then there is this photo of Bessie carrying her mom's slipper in her mouth. She never did that before Jacqueline passed away. So I'm thinking she found some memories. She has such a sad look on her face.
Memorial Day is almost upon us and some people who don't fly the flag every day are starting to dig them out and display them. Wish more people showed some more patriotism every day. It seems too easy to forget just what these holidays are really for. This weekend isn't just the start of Summer season or big sales at the shopping mall or cranking up the barbecue, it's supposed to be remembering our military heroes.

Here is a photo taken a few years ago when I purchased a couple of flags that were based on Rottweilers dressed up for the various holidays. The Rottweiler almost looks like Ruff.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My little girl Bess isn't so little any more.

Its been awhile since I took Bess to see the Vet. Count that as thankful she has been so healthy. Well, it was time for her annual check up and booster shots so I took her in today. After she dragged me into the office and jumped up on the counter with her front paws to see everyone and say hello, one of the technicians put Bess on the scale to see her weight. And to say I was a bit astonished is an understatement. Bess topped the scale at 110.4 lbs while she was sitting still and not jumping around. 

Some may remember two short years ago baby Bess had an eating disorder and I was worried it would stunt her growth. Ha-ha! Today she is as tall and long as Ruffin, though slimmer in the body while the old guy is a hefty 125 lbs. And for the sake of comparisons, the previously largest Rottweiler we owned was our first male Rott, Nikko Bear, and he only weighed 110 lbs. And I used to think he was big. Furthermore, Nikko was more than 5 years old when he reached his full size. Bessie will be 3 years old July 1st.
Here she is 5 months ago during our annual Christmas card project.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Bess and Ruff stole me away from my TV show

I find myself watching less and less television these days, mostly because the shows are finding more ways to inject their politics into them and I hate that when they do. So tonight I sat down to watch the one show I usually watch on Monday night, Supergirl. So don't knock it, I like fantasy adventure and sci-fi. And the script writers stuck another line into the script that pushed my buttons. Here's the scene set up. The aliens invaders just shot down Air Force One and the woman president (who happens to be a different alien) climbs out of the wreckage without a scratch and Supergirl's newspaper editor, who she has just saved, sees all this and says, "Well, I hope she's still a Democrat."

So about that time Ruff came in the room and walked over to me and Bess who was laying on the couch next to me and decided he needed some loving. Having lost interest in my TV show I went and got the camera and took some photos.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Angie Ruiz, who produced and directed Black Beauty Breed, has a new film FOREVER FAITHFUL

A new film from Angie Ruiz, the producer and director of the award winning documentary Black Beauty Breed, is scheduled for release next month.  Click this link to watch a preview:
FOREVER FAITHFUL explores the eternal bond that exists between humans and their dogs. A little girl's best friend, her dog, is diagnosed with bone cancer. The film follows her journey as she tries to understand both the causes of canine cancer and the advanced treatments available to her dog.
Several incredible dogs are introduced along the way. Her ultimate discovery is that canine friendship lives forever. This documentary film will be released in June 2017.
In an interview with the Porterville Recorder a few years ago while promoting her documentary, Angie Ruiz told the remarkable story of how she became a first time Rottweiler owner.
“I made this film from the heart about something I believe in. Even though the film is about the Rottweiler, the themes of the film are universal — loyalty, resilience, friendship and hard work,” Ruiz said. “The film showcases their little-known versatility as search-and-rescue dogs and therapy dogs, and their success in dog sports — agility, nose work, carting and herding. And for the first time ever, audiences can see the Rottweiler Search and Rescue dogs deployed to Ground Zero in the days following 9/11.”

Her inspiration for the film came in 2007 after rescuing a Rottweiler, Samson, from a Porterville family who could not keep him.

“He was 9 months old and I offered to pick him up and drive him to The Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles. On the drive from Porterville to Los Angeles, I saw how sad he was to leave his family and my heart just melted. At that moment, I made a decision to rescue him myself,” Ruiz said. “I was inspired to make the documentary because it is the film that I would have liked to seen when I rescued Samson. I didn’t know anything about the breed at the time and information was not readily available.”
Now I can hardly wait to get a chance to see the new film myself.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FOUND - The original Rottweilers of Abby's World web site

One of the long time followers of this blog, Sam, who made several previous contributions to my posts just sent me an email with the exciting news. He found several of the pages and photos of my original web site on an Internet archive service called The Wayback Machine. I have often mentioned that I had started a web site on AT&T Worldnet, my first Internet account and they accidentally erased the entire web site. That loss was so tragic after all the work I put into it for over 7 years that I went looking for a new way to share my stories and photos of my Rottweilers. It was soon afterward that I heard about Google Blogger and started my present blog.

I am going to do a copy and paste to see if I can replicate those lost pages here. You might recall seeing some of these photos here recently because they have always been contained on my computer hard drive. But its the words and description in their original contemporaneous form that is most important because it was the feelings I had after getting my first Rottweilers.

And, hey, even the page links on the green buttons still work. That Wayback Machine is amazing. When they say that everything on the Internet lives forever this is the perfect example. An entire web site erased almost 15 years ago still lives on in some hidden archives.

Wayback Machine
Mar APR Jun
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29 captures
4 Oct 1999 - 6 Mar 2005

Earth_4.gif (28998 bytes) Abbys World-1.gif (18900 bytes) Earth_4.gif (28998 bytes)

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Copy of Me.jpg (24179 bytes)
Welcome to Abby's World. Glad you got through all the space traffic. I hope that you'll stay for awhile and share in the things that I care most about. This site contains some informative and serious  material but also has a sense of humor. Let me introduce myself, my name is Nelson Abdullah, and I live in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.  In case you're wondering, my wife Jacqueline, started calling me 'Abby' when we first met almost 40-years ago.

I've been working in the airline business for 37-years. I worked for Pan Am for 29-years from 1962-91, and now I'm with Delta Air Lines. I've always been fascinated with airplanes. When I was  growing up I used to read about all the performance records that were being broken, almost every month it seems, so I guess that's why. That's me in the photo, taken at The United States Air Force Museum. It is located at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, about 60-miles north of Cincinnati. If you are ever in this area I recommend you check it out, it is positively worth the trip. This museum has the largest display of military aircraft in the world. All of those record breaking airplanes are here. See the link on my Interests page and take the Virtual Tour of the museum. Also, pay a visit to the web site dedicated to the original Pan Am and relive their glorious history when they were the preeminent pioneer in commercial aviation.

OK, I did say you would find some humor here, so for pure enjoyment, visit my Rottweiler's pages and see my photo album of the three biggest clowns you will ever meet. If you're used to seeing fancy dog posses taken at dog shows or scary pictures of watchdogs you're gonna be surprised with what I have here.

This entire web site was designed and created by Abby's World Wide Graphics (me)
The flying saucer animation is by Donald Justice, Austin, Texas. email
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The Rottweilers of Abby's World:     A love story about dogs and cats.    

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This page was last updated on March 28, 2000
This is Mocha: our first Rottweiler.
Copy of pornopuppy.jpg (23223 bytes)
This is a photo of Mocha when she was 6-months old, taken three months after coming to her new home. There is something about this picture that reminds me of a centerfold pose in a men's magazine. Because of this, I call it Porno-Puppy. Mocha quickly became part of our family, soon after we brought her home. At first, she had difficulty climbing the stairs to the bedrooms on the second floor. But now she sleeps on my bed every night and snuggles up to me for companionship.
Mocha, affectionately called Moe, has been my friend and companion since the day she was given to me by my daughter who owned her parents, Nikko Bear and Felony. We never owned a Rottweiler before and knew little about them except for the bad publicity they received in the news media. I did not believe all of those stories because my daughter had four small children in the house when she was given Nikko and Felony by a couple who were getting divorced. We had seven cats living in our house when Moe arrived, and she had never seen one before. Six of them came down with us from New York, and were getting on in years. The youngest were Butch and Jones, a pair of twin red tigers, and they were 14-years old when Moe arrived.
Copy of Me-and-Mo.jpg (19141 bytes)
Copy of Mocha-Butch.jpg (25039 bytes)
Copy of Butch-Mocha.jpg (26001 bytes)
This is Butch introducing himself to Mocha. It didn't take long for this brave little cat to make friends with the puppy. Moe was just as curious about this friendly little critter and enjoyed giving him little kisses and ear washes. Butch was always known as the ambassador cat, because he would be the first to make new friends. He taught Moe that cats can be friends, too. Butch and his brother Jones both passed away in 1997, they were very close to each other and died 6-months apart.
Nikko Bear and his best friend Tigger
Tigger-1.jpg (20372 bytes)
Tigger-2.jpg (25303 bytes) Tigger-3.jpg (22830 bytes)
Nikko Bear and Tigger are really the best of friends. Bear has an unusual way of demonstrating it, he takes Tiggers head into his mouth and VERY GENTLY holds it for a few seconds. Tigger does not seem to mind this at all and even accepts the Rottie kisses he frequently gets. The three photos above were taken on April 13, 1999. While not the best quality, they were snapped during an unscheduled show of affection while we were sitting on the couch and I was holding the camera at arms length overhead. Yes, we keep the camera on the end table right next to the couch. Never know when you will need it around here.
A few months after these pictures were taken Tigger passed away. He was 19-years old and has some special qualities. From the day his twin babies Butch and Jones lost their mother, Tigger was their constant companion. The three of them slept in a pile every night for 16 years. When the twins died a few months apart two years ago, Tigger never got over the loss. It was then he started looking to Nikko Bear for companionship. 
After Tigger died, his best friend, Nikko Bear, spent several weeks looking everywhere around the house for him. We knew then how much he cared for him.
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The Rottweilers of Abby's World:  The arrival of Nikko and Felony.

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As fate would have it, 7-months after we brought Mocha home, we learned that her parents, Nikko Bear and Felony, needed a new home. We didn't know there was an organized nation-wide rescue program for Rottweilers, but we loved these big brutes from the moment we first saw them and had to give them a place to live. My wife drove back to New York, 12-hours each way, and brought them back to Kentucky. Later, we learned that many people were involved in Rottweiler Rescue because these magnificent brutes are so loving and caring. Click on the "Bumper Sticker" below to find out more about rescue work from The Rott Bros. Farms.
TRASHBUMPER.GIF (8919 bytes)
My wife, Jacqueline, took this photo at 4 a.m. when she discovered the Three Bears sleeping on the couch. The two older Rotts had not yet found that sleeping on our beds was more comfortable.
4-AM.jpg (21378 bytes)

Copy of Nikko_and_Butch.jpg (14769 bytes)
This is a photo of Butch working his charm on Nikko Bear soon after he arrived. Nikko and Felony had seen cats before and didn't care for them but it didn't take long before Butch's tenacity overcame their bias. Today, Nikko sleeps on my wife's bed along with our two remaining felines. 

Mocha birthday.jpg (39140 bytes)
Bear-birthday.jpg (23593 bytes)
September 1997, Mocha had her second birthday and, of course, she had a birthday party. Her birthday cake was a meatloaf with two candles on it. Nikko Bear was eight years old in December of 1999 that's his party picture on the right. Felony, the mamma Rott, was a very spry nine years old in February of 1999, although she now suffers from a leaky mush bucket and needs constant affection. She still maintains control of her family and reminds me of a strict old Victorian Lady. We have begun to refer to her as Mother Superior. Mocha seems destined to become the new leader of the pack someday, but her mamma knows that she is not quite old enough or mature. Moe still has too much puppy in her. One of Moe's nicknames is Leaping Lippy Luna and that describes it all.
4th.jpg (26270 bytes)
Another Birthday Party for Moe. 4-years old September, 1999.
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The Rottweilers of Abby's World, This family is our pride and joy.

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Well, this is our Rottweiler family. Moe is almost all grown up and she has begun to loose the puppy face. Fact is, she looks pretty snooty in the picture below. That must come from being spoiled Rotten. I hope she never looses the "Flying Nun" ears, though. She cracks me up whenever I ask her a question and those ears go up and she cocks her head to one side. Moe is something of a show-off, too. Every day she goes out and picks up the newspaper and carries it into the house. You can see her going to work on her Papergirl page. Before Moe picks up the newspaper, she always waits to see if someone is watching her, then with her head held high she goes to work. Felony is a very respectable Lady Rott. For an old lady she still moves with the grace of a ballerina. Felony decided to adopt me soon after she arrived and I never expected it. I guess she needed someone to love, and I was just available. Moe still sleeps by my pillow every night and Felony has the bottom corner of the bed. Nikko Bear is the family clown and has always been momma's boy since the day my wife brought them home. He never leaves her side and seems to sense that she needs his protection.
3Bears.jpg (22006 bytes)
Got Chips, Momma?

NikkoBear.jpg (34751 bytes)
sittingbear.jpg (30363 bytes)
Notice the stool. Now Nikko has his own place to park his big butt, instead of on our laps.
As you can see, the stool didn't work out. It sits in the corner now unused and Bear still sits on Mom's lap. He even looks over his shoulder when he backs up. This is what Nikko likes to do best.
Sittingbear-2.jpg (32963 bytes)
Of course, The Bear will sit on anyone if Mom's lap is not available. Funny thing is Moe doesn't mind.

Felony.jpg (21188 bytes)

Mocha.jpg (20749 bytes)


Resting with the Rottweilers in their play room.
Family.jpg (30156 bytes)Family-3.jpg (20686 bytes)
Family-2.jpg (20795 bytes)Family-1.jpg (22597 bytes)
Mom-Bear-Felony.jpg (20750 bytes)
Nikko Bear and Felony having a conversation in Mom's lap.

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The Rottweilers of Abby's World:      The three clowns.

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Do you think of Rottweilers as the vicious dogs depicted in the movies? Do you recall reading about them in the newspapers or seeing them on TV when they attack someone? These are false impressions created by a media that thirsts for sensationalism, and does not accurately show what the vast majority of these dogs are really like. Rottweilers are devoted, loving and intelligent canines who enjoy working and pleasing their owners. Rottweilers are naturally protective, they will always stand between their owners and anyone else. Rottweilers are very powerful. My favorite story is from a woman in Colorado who told about her two Rottweilers pulling a car out of a snowbank. Our Three Bears are not show dogs, but they are three big clowns who continuously entertain us. The kids in the neighborhood love them and seem to agree. When Moe was younger, she used to get out of the house without her leash for a run through the yards. While I chased her I could hear children cheering her on from their windows. Our Three Bears have found their last home and need not worry any more.
dancingbear.jpg (32694 bytes) bubbles1.jpg (29471 bytes)
bubbles2.jpg (30583 bytes)
A new Rottie game: chasing soap bubbles.
Copy of Nikko_and_Felony.jpg (21079 bytes)
Copy of Picnic.jpg (26848 bytes)
What can I say, they just like to sit in the lawn chairs.
Copy of Clowns.jpg (25539 bytes)
One picture can say more than a thousand words.
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TRASHBABY.GIF (23888 bytes)
copyright: The Rott Bros. Farms.

The Rottweilers of Abby's World:     Welcome Home

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greetings1.jpg (29796 bytes) greeting2.jpg (26598 bytes)
Here's a big smooch. Welcome home, Daddy.
Copy_of_pornopuppy.jpg (23223 bytes) Pornopuppy2.jpg (20889 bytes)
Pornopuppy in 1996 Pornopuppy in 1998. Some things never change.
relax.jpg (35913 bytes) Felony-1.jpg (32453 bytes)
Can you take a nap like this? Mamma Bear, Felony, when she's awake.
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The Rottweilers of Abby's World: Meet the papergirl

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For the past two years, Moe has enjoyed bringing in the newspaper after it gets delivered. My wife Jackie, taught her how to carry and Moe considers this to be her job. Mocha understands the words "Papergirl" and "Work" when we tell her "It's time for the Papergirl to go to work.", and she does every day, even on Sunday when the newspaper is much heavier. On occassion we will take a walk to the corner and buy a different newspaper and after I slip it into a plastic bag, Moe will proudly carry it home. Moe has become quite a showoff whenever she goes out to get the paper. She will run down to the paper and jump on it and then stand over it and wait until she sees someone coming down the street so they can see her pick it up and carry it. She knows this makes me proud of her.
Papergirl-1.jpg (19817 bytes) Papergirl-2.jpg (21261 bytes) Papergirl-3.jpg (24186 bytes)
Papergirl-4.jpg (19563 bytes) Papergirl-5.jpg (35666 bytes) Papergirl-6.jpg (24274 bytes)
Enough with the pictures, already. This Sunday paper is heavy.
Papergirl-7.jpg (25980 bytes)
Papergirl-8.jpg (23496 bytes)
Papergirl-9.jpg (24827 bytes)
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There is more to dig out and organize so I'll leave this as it is for now.