Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Axl follows his Mom everywhere.

I have seen this many times before but last night I decided to take a picture of it. We all went to the kitchen to sit down for dinner and Axl took up his place right beside his Mom. He never leaves  her side. Nothing special here but my wife never gets to see these things from my point of view.


Ruff and I were the babysitters.

Our friend Lucy came by for a visit a few days ago and took my wife out for lunch. Lucy never travels anywhere without her tiny little long haired Dachshund named Tinkerbell. Restaurants frown on pets in the dining areas so Tinker had to stay home with me and the three Rottweilers. That was OK with us and it gave me another opportunity to take more pictures. It wasn't so good with Tinker because she spent most of the time by the front door waiting for her Mom to return. As usual, Ruff was at her side every minute.
The word babysitter is misleading because Tinker is almost twice as old as Ruff, but anyway, we all had a good time together.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The making of a porn-star Rott. The first four years in the life of baby Ruff.

I started to write this post around a picture of Ruff that I took a few days ago that reminded me of a photo of my first Rottweiler, Mocha who I always called Mo. That is the photo I had titled Porno Puppy because of her habit of sleeping on her back like a nude centerfold in a men's magazine. Then looking at some early shots of Ruff I came across some of his more relaxed poses that preceded his current pleasures. These are the photos I'm writing about. The first one is of Mocha and her mother Felony taken 10 years ago, when Mo was six. Felony is the one on her back.

It must be an inherited trait. Here is Mocha the Porno Queen posing in 2005.
And now we come back to our big baby Rottweiler, Ruff, who used to be a real baby 4 1/2 years ago when we brought him home. This is the same hassock he is laying on in yesterday's post about the Mugwump.
Ruff, by the way, was a precocious little baby. Here is an accidental photo of one of his nasty little habits.
All baby Rottweilers are adorable as this photo shows. And he did grow up to be such a big love. He only nibbled on noses when he was a wee little thing, Thank God.
So now we see Ruff all grown up and still doing something every day to make us smile. Just by being natural.
And, Yes, Ruff is a centerfold porn star, only this time he belongs in a girl's magazine. LOL. Hey, girls, Ruff has his own email address so you can write him Ruffin@fuse.net
The word obscene does not exist in the canine world.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Have you ever seen a Mugwump (and do you know what that means)?

During the 1884 presidential campaign, Mugwumps were often portrayed as "fence-sitters," with part of their body on the side of the Democrats and the other on the side of the Republicans. Their "mug" on one side of the fence, and their "wump" on the other. Today, we call people who cannot make a decision mugwumps because they take up both sides of an issue.
Leaving politics aside for other blogs, I want to tell you about our own resident mugwump, Ruff. One of his favorite positions to watch television is laying across the hassock, just like a mugwump, because his mug is hanging over one side and his wump is hanging over the other.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Another night at the movies, at home, of course.

Last night we watched a double feature that I rented from Blockbuster. We saw the BluRay version of Paul and Mars Needs Moms and they were both very entertaining movies. Of course we didn't watch them alone, we never do. Our faithful companions are always at our sides, ever vigilant in performing their duties to keep us safe and protected. Here are some pictures to prove it. LOL. By the way, if you rent Mars Needs Moms stay watching as the credits stream by at the end. There are several video inserts that show how live actors were used for the computer animation.
Click the pictures for a larger view.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Rottweilers watch television.

You all know what a couch potato is. That's a person who spends too much time sitting on the couch watching television. Well, in our house the Rottweilers do everything that we do, including watching TV, so that also makes them couch potatoes. Here are a few pictures taken on various nights in recent days during and after we had the TV turned on.
Click the picture to see a larger view.
The real trick is to sneak out of the room to get the camera without waking them up.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Rottweilers had a guest visit them today.

Our friend Lucy came over for a visit and brought along her long haired Dachshund named Tinker. They all sat inside and watched a movie while I went out shopping by myself. When I came back, I found Tinker laying on the couch with Ruff while my wife Jackie was sitting next to her best friend Axl on the other couch. You can click this picture for a larger view and you may have to if you want to see how little Tinker is.
One thing the Rottweilers have taught me is that size doesn't make any difference in their world. They have accepted Tinker as a little friend that sometimes comes to visit them. And once in a while they even run around the house playing with each other.