Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dancing in the kitchen.

The cold weather that hangs around in the last days of Winter finally broke last week and we enjoyed three days of mild, mid-60s temperature. It was an opportunity to get outside and begin raking up the clutter before Spring. Then we had two days of heavy rain and the cold weather returned. I took this picture of Axl posing in the kitchen and he seemed very happy. Usually he goes around with a great worry frown on his face but for the moment he almost looked like he was smiling.
Next thing I knew Ruff was trying to get my attention. Ruff acts like he owns me (which is typical with Rottweilers) and he is my dog and he knows it. Axl belongs to his mom and Ruff gets a little jealous whenever I show Axl some attention. And he doesn't like to be left out when I take pictures so I called my wife Jackie to join in a group shot.
Then Ruff started acting goofy, or should I say, normal. He jumped up to give his mom a kiss while Axl quietly watched the whole thing and I turned quick and took this picture without aiming the camera. When I checked the picture later it looked like he was trying to dance with his mom.
Later on Friday the rain turned into sleet and then into snow and I grabbed the camera again to get a picture of the backyard through the kitchen window.
The snow didn't amount to more than an inch but it made everything look pretty with a new covering of white.


Monday, March 7, 2011

NASA confirms our Rottweilers are now AstroRotts.

NASA Space Shuttle Discovery flight STS-133 carried aboard the images of our three Rottweilers, Axl, Ruff and Sassy as part of their Face In Space program to the International Space Station. Here is the certificate they provided me with today.
And here is one of the pictures that went into space. Mom and Axl.
And, a video message from the International Space Station acknowledging all those who participated in the Face In Space program.

OK, enough of this crazy business.