Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We bought a new Rottweiler flag

I got an ad in the mail a few weeks ago for a series of Rottweiler Flags, with a different seasonal theme for each month of the year. With so much of my life centered around our Rottweilers, I couldn't resist adding this to our collection of Rottweiler paraphernalia. When the first flag arrived everyone who saw it said it looked like my 4-year old baby Ruff had posed for the pictures. Here is the ad that came in the mail. If you want to order one see the link below.
You can check out Willabee and Ward's web site at

Now here are two photos of Ruff sitting in front of the first flag we received. I tried several times to get him to smile with his tongue hanging out like in the flag but I couldn't get him to do it. Ruff has been loosing his baby face expressions as he gets older.
I just went back in some of my older pictures of Ruff, taken last year, and found the perfect match for his smiley face grin. Here it is.
Now you can see why so many people said the flag Rottie looked like him. You can even see his dimples.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mom has biscuits.

You would think that after spending almost all summer indoors because the outside temperature hovered above 90 degrees almost every day that once it got cool we would be outside. Wrong. The weather did get cool and then dropped some 15 degrees below normal daily temperatures and out bodies hadn't adjusted to it. So we continue to spend more time inside the house.

So today my wife Jackie was sitting on the couch with her two favorite Rottweilers, Ruff and Axl and I gave her some dog biscuits to feed her friends. One thing led to another and our little girl Sassy joined in for a few pictures.
Click pictures for larger view.
All's well that ends well. Everyone got some biscuits and I got some nice pictures.