Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Rottweiler art gallery

I have mentioned before that in the 15 years since we got our first Rottweiler we have accumulated a sizable number of photos. Matter of fact, during those first six years when I used 35mm print film, due to the cost of development, I only shot about 500 pictures. All that changed in 2000 when I got my first digital camera. From that time on it was not uncommon to shoot 50-100 pictures on a single day and storing them on a hard drive was so easy. Well, after you take all these pictures you want to start framing some of them and hang them around the house.  You may notice a few in the background, here.

The first Rottweiler I had was a girl named Mocha and she and her father Nikko were absolute hams when it came to taking pictures. The seemed to enjoy posing and they were both very photogenic. I took one particular photo of these two that seemed to capture the essence of nobility in this breed and I called it the Thief of Hearts and got a formal registered copyright on it. From there I began selling framed prints and dog flags but after my supply of flags dried up I stopped. I did manage to keep one last flag and one 24x36 inch print. Take a look at our art gallery.

Sassy has something to say about our weather.

So far this month we have had 3 consecutive days with 80+ temperature and the trees are in full bloom.

Our three Rottweilers have completely forgotten about Winter. Our little girl Sassy went out yesterday and after a few seconds in the Sun threw herself on the grass and rolled around in sheer delight. You could almost hear her yelling WHOOPEE!!!!