Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How many is too much?

How many is too much? If you are thinking of Rottweilers, and that is all this blog is about, then the answer is simple: How big is your house and how big is your heart. I have met a lady named Grace Acosta from Florida who loves Rottweilers as much as I do and the only difference is her house is larger than mine. Grace owns 6 adult Rotties and she is a breeder and travels around the country to Rottweiler dog shows. Grace lets her Rottweilers live in her house. Grace once had a photo on her web site showing 6 adult Rotts lounging in her living room, just like I always wanted. You may have seen the famous photo that was copied off her web page showing 6 Rottweiler puppies in the trunk of her car. Grace has a very big heart when it comes to this magnificent breed.

If I had a larger house I would want more Rotties because they are so much fun and so entertaining to be around. The most we have ever had were three at one time. So let me show you what our life is like with our three Rottweilers. First there are times when you want to watch television and your best friends want to be with you. Yes, they also like to watch television, too.

There is actually room for one more human on the couch. Ruff and Sassy are sharing the couch while the lone Rottweiler, Axl, lays on the couch between me and my wife. It is too cruel to expect them to lay on the hard floor.

Then there are the sleeping arrangements to be considered. It isn't always like these two photos suggest but I will show them just to give you an idea what it is like sometimes.

See? Everything worked out fine. Of course I don't know how we would handle this if we had more of them. Rottweilers always want to be as close to their humans as possible. They will follow you around the house like a parade. If there is more than one human in the house then each will have their own protector. That was one of the first Rottie Rules I learned when we lived in a two story house with The Three Bears. When I was upstairs getting ready for work I had a Rottie with me and the other two remained downstairs with my wife. Here is an old photo of Nikko and Felony on the couch with my wife. The two Rottweilers were having a discussion across her lap all the time each was trying to get all of her attention.

Where was the third Rottweiler? Here is Mocha laying on the carpet at my wife's feet.

If you have a cat living in your house along with your Rottweilers that isn't a problem because cats don't take up very much room on the bed.

Hope this has cleared up the question. Pound for pound my Rottweilers have more love in their hearts than any other animal.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Rottweiler Christmas story, December 24th, 2009

We had an incident today that looked pretty serious but it turned out to be OK and everything is now back to normal. (for Christmas, that is)

A Bengal Tiger snuck into our house and frightened one of our Rotties. It is fortunate that I walk around the house all day carrying my trusty camera because now I can show you what happened.

The tiger went after Axl first and Axl didn't know what was going on. Poor Axl, look at the expression on his face.
Click the pictures to view larger size.

But all of a sudden the tiger's purpose became clear. He was one of Santa's helpers and he was helping spread Santa's Good Cheer.
And as soon as the ferocious tiger put on his famous Santa hat Axl knew he was not going to be harmed so went right to sleep laying his head on the Santa Tiger's paws.

While Axl was sleeping, Santa's Tiger Helper told Axl how he needed all the volunteers he could get so he asked Axl to become a Santa Rott.
And Axl said, "Yes", he would help as soon as he finished his nap.

"Maybe you are getting too old, my friend", said the Santa Tiger. "I will ask some of the other Rotties in this house if they will help."

So he asked the youngest Rottweiler in the house, Ruff, but Ruff only wanted to play. Ruff kept saying he wanted to stay up all night and see the real Santa.

So the Santa Tiger asked the little lady Rott, Sassy, if she would like to be one of Santa's helpers. And Sassy said, "Yes, I like to work." and she would be proud to be a Santa Rott. So Santa Tiger gave her his Santa hat to wear, and here she is.

Sassy only had one question for the Santa Tiger, she wanted to know if this job was all year long. The Santa Tiger told her it was. Rottweilers must always spread good cheer, every day, wherever they go.
Merry Christmas, from all of the Rott-n-kids and their humans, too.