Friday, October 28, 2011

Our little Ruff has gotten big.

I still call him my baby Rottweiler even though he is almost 5 years old. But yesterday we took Ruff to the Vet's office for his annual Heartworm test and when they put him on the scale to see how much he weighed I couldn't believe the results. My baby Ruff now weighs 132 lbs. And he still thinks he is a lap dog. Oh, he passed the test.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's official. We've broken the all-time annual rainfall record.

At 10 PM tonight the weatherman said our all time annual rainfall record was broken. So far this year the tri-state region of Cincinnati, Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Indiana has had 58 inches of rain breaking the record of 57.58 inches. And right now we are having more rain with 2 inches expected by tomorrow and we still have two months left in the year. In other words besides having a very hot Summer it has also been very wet. And I can tell you that every weed in creation is growing like crazy.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ruff and Axl resting.

My trigger finger is itching. No, not that trigger finger, the one I use to press the shutter release on my camera. Between now and November 13th I have got to resist taking too many pictures. I promised myself and everyone else that I would use my Nikon to take picture number 10,000 on Ruff's 5th birthday on 11-13-2011. I couldn't resist taking a few more last night and I'm up to picture # 9,993. I think it is a fitting tribute since I bought the camera soon after we brought baby Ruff home in January 2007 to record him growing up.
Oh, in case you were interested in seeing last night's pictures, here they are. The first picture is DSC_9990.jpg and the second is DSC_9991.jpg.

And here is a picture of both Ruff and Axl taken last year to show what they look like when they are awake. My wife and I sat in.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rottweilers: Reason # 9,984 why you gotta love 'em.

Last night, when I was getting ready for bed, my baby Rottweiler, Ruff, was waiting for me on the bed. I just had to grab my camera and capture this image. Ruff is just a natural born clown and he always makes me laugh even when he seems to be doing nothing special.

This is picture # 9,984. Still waiting for # 10,000 to be taken on Ruff's 5th birthday on November 13, 2011.   


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our senior Rottweiler Axl has his 10th birthday.

Sunday was a very special day at our house. Our adopted Rottweiler, Axl, celebrated his 10th birthday and we had a special birthday party. I baked a full-size meatloaf and covered it with a mash potato icing and a candle. Everyone enjoyed the feast. (Next up is my baby Ruff who will be 5 years old next month.)
 And wearing his digitally enhanced birthday hat.
We adopted Axl two years ago in August when he was almost 8 years old. He was trained to work as a service dog and had lived for most of his life with a handicapped woman until her house burned down in Akron, Ohio. When I heard that he needed a new home I jumped at the chance to adopt him and he turned out to be the most wonderful Rottweiler I have ever known. As many pictures on this blog show, he became my wife's constant companion.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm glad September is over. I hate it when the weather changes.

I actually got an email today from a fan of this blog who asked if everything was OK because I haven't posted any new stuff in several weeks. Well, we are pretty much OK but you can blame most of our problems on the weather. Summer came to a rather abrupt end around Labor Day and the weather turned cold and rainy. This entire year has had weather records broken here. Every year when the seasons change quickly I have a difficult time adapting to the change and wind up catching a cold. We seem to be turning the heat on one day and the air conditioning on the next. My wife has some ongoing health issues and needed several trips to the doctors. The Rottweilers are all enjoying themselves and seem to take everything in stride. Here is a new picture that managed to catch all of them of the furniture. Even the elusive Sassy.

And, I have to make an announcement. My baby Rottweiler Ruff will be 5 years old next month on November 13th. A few months after I got him I went out and bought a new Nikon digital camera so I could take some better quality pictures of our best friends. The picture you see above is the 9,954 picture taken with this camera. I am saving the soon to arrive 10,000th picture to take of our fully grown Ruff on his birthday. So bear with me folks, I only got 40 shots left to spread out over 6 weeks.