Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ruffin and his golf balls.

It has been very busy around here lately. I had to have the liner replaced in our swimming pool and it had to be scheduled after our unusual monsoon season. The whole operation took five days, including the three days I gradually emptied the water from the pool. When you have almost 30,000 gallons of water to dispose of and the ground is already fairly soggy from the rain, it takes a bit of prep work to avoid making matters worse than they were before. But it all came out well in spite of the temperature being in the high 90s.
Then, yesterday, after the ground was dry enough, I got to cut the grass in the back which I hadn't done in three weeks. After dinner we took the rottweilers out for a walk in the backyard. And Ruffin brought back another golf ball. He has been finding them in the back for the past three years, and I have no clue where they come from. They almost all have the same brand which is expensive enough to not want to hit them once and forget about them. Someone is practicing their driving but it isn't any of my closest neighbors and I have no idea how far away they are being hit.
Above photo: taken last night when Ruff brought his important discovery in the house.
And here is Ruff's two boxes of trophies. Almost 3 dozen golf balls that he had found. I think maybe I should take up golf if only Ruff could find me some clubs.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Sentinels

11PM, their Mom has just been tucked into bed, The Sentinels take up their positions to stand guard through the night outside her bedroom door. And give me something to step over in the dark after I turn out the lights.

Axl and Ruffin take their duties very seriously, sometimes. When they're not trying to steal a handout or get someone to play with them.
They are the two best Rottweilers I've ever known - except for my girl Mo. If you are new here and haven't read about Mo you can type in her name in the search box in the upper left corner.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

How wet was it? Local TV says some got 8 inches of rain here.

Today the sun came out but the back yard is like a mud pit covered with grass. Just read on the local Fox TV station web site we had 8-inches of rain in some areas. And one man literally picked up a 40-LB Carp he found in his flooded back yard. See photo and story below.
A man pulled a 40 pound carp out of the water between 2551 and 2553 Avon Drive late Saturday morning during a major flood in Crescent Springs, KY.
Mike Works, a neighbor, describes the scene as "something out of a horror movie."

The flooding in Crescent Springs was a part of the flash flood Saturday morning that extended from the Cincinnati area into Kentucky.

The flooding is the third time that Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky have flooded this week.

If you know the man that pulled the giant fish, please contact FOX19 at


Saturday, July 6, 2013

More things to do on a rainy day. The deluge continues.

Ruffin woke me up around 8 AM this morning with an urgent, "I gotta go real bad" cry. The first sound I heard when I got out of bed was the rain pounding on the roof. When I got to the back door and opened it, Ruff had a change of heart. He wouldn't even stick his nose outside. So I went back to the bedroom and got dressed and offered to take him out front and cover him with my umbrella. The big wimp acted like he was afraid of the water. Since I was now fully dressed I went out and retrieved the newspaper before it floated away and came in and ate breakfast. Ruff was still doing a dance and after an hour or so I got him and Axl and Sassy to take a quick pee break on the front lawn. Then I dried everyone off with a towel.

The rain continued for several hours and I decided to spend my time reading the news and checking my emails. Then after lunch I spotted this cozy scene in the family room. That big Rottweiler really knows how to sleep.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Things to do while waiting for the water to go away.

We are fortunate to be living on higher ground because we have had weeks of unending rain. The back yard is so supersaturated that my lawn tractor makes mud tracks in the grass wherever I drive. This is all bad news for our Rottweilers. While we have a large umbrella covering the picnic table on the deck you can only do so much to pass the time away. Except take naps. And our Rottweilers are experts at this. Here is a sampling of the rain taken yesterday from the open kitchen window.
This is the first time the water has ever backed up over the entire sidewalk.
And, today, I walked into the family room and saw this.
I think Ruffin was using his chin to prop up his head.