Tuesday, February 4, 1997

The Rottweilers have Birthday Parties.

Ever throw a birthday party for your dogs? We used to have them every year. Here are 4 photos of some of those parties with The Three Bears for our girl Mo. The cake usually was a small meatloaf with mashed potatoes for icing and a candle on it. One year we used three cans of Alpo dog food instead of the meatloaf.

It goes without saying that we treated these magnificent animals as part of our family and it we were fond of telling everyone they were our Rott-N-Kids.
One other phrase that entered our vocabulary was the term, Spoiled Rotten, but every dog owner that loved their pets as much as we did is familiar with that. The special meaning to us was the "Rotten" part came from the breed name Rottweiler.  

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