Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ruff's adventures.

At the age of 1 1/2 Ruff weighed almost 90 lbs. By this time he gotten so used to strangers telling him how handsome or gorgeous he was he must have thought those were his other names. Here is a picture my wife Jackie took in July 2007. I was just able to still pick him up at that time.
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In October 2008 we took him back for a visit to see his father in Burlington, Kentucky. Ruff was almost 100 lbs and when he met Kentucky Colonel, Ruff looked just like his father. Kentucky Colonel is owned by Cliff Haffer who also breeds Rottweilers on his horse farm. Cliff owns five Rottweilers and three horses.

Ruff had another surprise that day. We spotted Cliff's three horses out in the field and I asked if it was all right to take Ruff out to meet them. The horses were familiar with the Rottweilers Cliff owned so I didn't think there was any danger to letting Ruff get up close to them. Here is a sequence of photos of that moment.

I don't know if Ruff was able to tell how big the horses were because he never saw one before but as soon as one of the horses started walking towards us Ruff leaped back. Then the horse stopped and Ruff started staring at him.

Then the horse lowered his head and shook it back and forth. I have seen my Rottweilers do this same thing when they are in a playful mood so I am guessing Ruff recognized this as a friendly gesture. Then the horse walked slowly toward Ruff and got closer and closer.
Ruff and the horse were now nose to nose. I could tell when Ruff looked up how amazed he was at the size of this animal. Ruff has never seen anything this big before let alone get this close to one.Then the horse notice me taking the pictures and started to walk over to me when Ruff ran around and got up very close to the horse's face.
Then they touched their noses together and I saw a truly amazing sight.
Ruff kissed the horse.
Then our brave but foolish young Rottweiler did what he he does to every animal he meets. He went around and checked out the rear end of the horse. Cliff, the owner told me if the horse hadn't been use to Rottweilers he would have instinctively kicked back with his hind legs and force would have ended Ruff's curiosity.
From that day on Ruff has shown a special reaction every time he sees a horse. If the horse is on television Ruff walks up to the screen and sometimes touches his nose to it, especially if the horse looks like the one he met in the field that day. The one that he kissed.

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  1. Have been lying here enjoying the photos of your beautiful Rotties and just read that your wife is unwell. I'm so sorry to learn this. I imagine those puppies bring so much joy to you both. I know my big almost one year old fella is the only reason I get out of bed each day! Will have to bookmark this blog - really enjoying it.

  2. My wife has her own personal guardian angel, his name is Axl, and he follows her around everywhere. Axl is 11 years old and still manages to jump up on her bed every night to sleep by her side. The Rottweilers know there is something wrong with Mom and they do seem to be concerned.

  3. Hello, Back about 2000 I puchased a rottweiler puppy from a gentleman named Paul Dixon. The puppies father was ky Colonel. He was a great dog and we recently lost him. I have been trying to find contact info for colonels owner as I would like to get another rottweiler from the same bloodline. I would really appreciate any contact info. Thank You.