Saturday, November 13, 2010

A very busy month and a lot to catch up with new photos

I haven't posted any news and photos here for almost a month because a lot has happened. Apart from the very important mid-term elections which took some effort campaigning for the people we supported, we had a great time enjoying a week-long visit from our daughter Karen who flew down from Long Island. Karen has owned Rottweilers for a long time and was anxious to meet in person the creatures she had only seen in my pictures. I must say that Karen fell in love with our big baby Ruff, but that didn't happen right away. The moment Karen came into our home she was greeted the same way our Rottweilers greet everyone else. Exuberantly! Yes, with an exclamation point. The first thing Karen said to Ruff was, "I don't want to get my face washed." But I must post some pictures that tell a different version of this.
Karen was trying very hard to keep Ruff off of her. It almost looked like a wrestling match. A few hours later, this is what happened.
I think you get the picture, pun intended. Ruff has a one-track mind and when he wants to do something he works at it until he does. Ruff followed Karen everywhere and then to his surprise, our visitor didn't leave at the end of the day. So Ruff slept on Karen's bed in our finished basement every night she was here.

Karen helped us put a new pool cover on the swimming pool and Ruff was right there with her. By now he seemed to totally infatuated with his new girl friend by the look on his face.
We all went out to dinner at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport. Twenty years ago on our 30th anniversary, Jackie and I flew to Munich, Germany and had dinner in the famous Hofbrauhaus restaurant there. The one in Newport is first American copy and the food and drink are exactly the same.
That is our old friend Lucy in the above picture taken at Hofbrauhaus. Although Karen was here to visit her Mom she managed to find time to do a lot of yard work and play with the gardening tools. She had a lot of fun playing with the leaf blower.
The night before she went home we had a few more friends over for dinner and our Rottweilers favorite couple Bev and Rich paid us a visit. You may say that our Rottweilers often misbehave when we have company but they are so full of love they just get very excited to meet old friends. Bev's husband Rich is the one they are particularly fond of as you can see from these pictures. Bev told me that Rich thinks he is Ruff's boy-toy because Ruff loves to play with him so much.
Everyone is ignoring Bev because they all want to give Rich kisses or is it because she has her arms folded? But wait, Ruff isn't finished yet.
After dinner, when everyone was posing for a final group picture, Ruff pulled a sneak attack on his Aunti Bev. A perfect Gotcha! moment to be added to my collection. 

Well after a fun filled week, Karen had to finally go home and take care of her own dogs (and cats) and Ruff spent the whole day looking for her everywhere around the house. Then the next day she gave us a phone call and we turned on the speakerphone so Ruff could hear her voice.

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