Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ruff goes to Petsmart again and we have another kiss and tell story.

To be precise, we took both Ruff and Axl to Petsmart yesterday, but Axl is so quiet and reserved that he gets very little attention. Ruff, on the other hand, is by no means a wallflower. Ruff loves to meet people and he goes out of his way to do it even when they don't expect it. Today, when we were finished with our twice monthly shopping and picked up our usual 80 lbs of dog food, we got on the checkout line behind a woman who was writing a check to pay for her purchases. Ruff stood up with his front feet on the conveyor belt like he always does so he can greet the cashier but this time he was looking at the woman as she wrote in her checkbook. The woman, who was leaning over to write her check had no clue Ruff was standing behind her, almost looking over her shoulder. She finished and turned to her left and noticed Ruff for the first time. She was face to face with him and she gave him a big smile and Ruff gave her some licks on her cheek and her neck. The woman told Ruff how gorgeous he was and said to me that she used to own a Rottie. She let Ruff give her a few more kisses and then she left the store. Ruff enjoyed his visit to Petsmart as he always does.
More good PR work for Rottweilers. ARC ought to put Ruff on their payroll. (ARC is the American Rottweiler Club)

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