Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ruff and Axl resting.

My trigger finger is itching. No, not that trigger finger, the one I use to press the shutter release on my camera. Between now and November 13th I have got to resist taking too many pictures. I promised myself and everyone else that I would use my Nikon to take picture number 10,000 on Ruff's 5th birthday on 11-13-2011. I couldn't resist taking a few more last night and I'm up to picture # 9,993. I think it is a fitting tribute since I bought the camera soon after we brought baby Ruff home in January 2007 to record him growing up.
Oh, in case you were interested in seeing last night's pictures, here they are. The first picture is DSC_9990.jpg and the second is DSC_9991.jpg.

And here is a picture of both Ruff and Axl taken last year to show what they look like when they are awake. My wife and I sat in.


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