Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My crowded office, again. The boys love to hang out there.

I have started to call my little office "The boys club" because it seems that every day now it has become the favorite hang-out for Ruff and Axl. Maybe they come in to keep me company or to find a quiet place to take a nap but I enjoy having them in any case. This little room is so small that the only way I can take this picture is to hold the camera above my head as high as I can.

I don't know how other Rottweilers get along but these two love to be close to each other. They often take naps together laying on the same couch butt to butt.

By the way, we seem to have all survived our recent heat wave. Today it was only 95 outside but the last few weeks it was brutal. Two weeks of 90+ degrees temperature and three days over 100 degrees. It has been so humid as well as hot that the only reason we went outside was to let the three Rotts take a potty break. I have been running the garden hose around the clock trying to keep some of my shrubs and trees from drying up. Three days ago I took this picture from one of the rear windows of the thermometer on the tool shed. It was 105 outside and 115 inside the shed.



  1. Our Vickan loves to watch the TV too. Dogs and animals are favorites. Maybe it is because it´s a LCD TV? Anyway - the first dog watching TV and the first LCD.

    1. I think the near-perfect resolution in High Definition television that makes the images so life-like grabs the Rottweilers attention. But it is just our baby Ruffin who is attracted to it. Axl and Sassy ignore the TV all together.