Sunday, August 5, 2012

Changing of the guard - meet my new Nikon. Better pictures coming.

My old Nikon D40, that I've used to take the pictures on this blog since we got our baby Rottweiler Ruffin almost 6 years ago, has been replaced. The image count was up to almost 11,000 and they were not as bright and clear as they were before. Besides, the poorer image quality required too much time retouching them. A few days ago I started looking for a replacement and found a brand new Nikon model, the D3200, with specs that were five times better than the old camera. I'm not doing camera reviews here but this camera is a real beauty - in more ways than you would expect. It came in Red! Fire engine red, metallic-cherry red and it is pretty just to look at. OK, here it is.
Here are a few of the first pictures taken with the new camera. Click the image for a larger view.
Unlike the older Nikon, the new camera can also take video and in 1080P High Definition, too. So there is a  possibility I will be able to upload some video clips of our boys playing and link them to this blog.

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