Saturday, December 29, 2012

Now this is better. 5 more inches of snow breaks our drought.

Overnight we had the largest snowfall in three years. 5 more inches on top of the 1 inch we got the day after Christmas. Our Winter Wonderland looks wonderful and the Rottweilers seem to agree. At least with the deeper snow. Here are some photos taken this afternoon with Ruff and Axl. And, yes, if you happened to ask, Ruff does take his red rubber ball everywhere, even when he goes to bed.
Click the picture for a larger view.


  1. I just found your blog and I am in love! I have an adopted female Rottweiler and her best friend, a Rottweiler mix (that's what we think he is - no one knows what he really is!). I had never had, or even met, a Rottie before I adopted my girl. She is the sweetest, most adorable, funniest dog that I have ever had. It's fun to read your blog because you seem to be just as enamored with the breed as I am!

  2. Jody, hope you have time to read further back in the blog. You'll find out more about how I fell in love with them.