Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catching up on Ruffin's adventures.

A few days ago we took Ruff and Axl to the Animal Control facility to renew Ruff's dog license. This has become an annual event that Ruffin always enjoys. He enjoys it because he gets to meet people. All of our Rotts have been micro-chipped which used to exempt them from annual renewals but they changed the law and now within the last 7 years micro-chipped dogs still need an annual renewal. Anyway, the animal control office is staffed with women and when Ruff walks in he becomes the center of attention. The other day was no exception and he got hugged and kissed by 5 ladies. I just wish someone would take a picture of Ruff when he jumps up and hangs over a counter to see who is there. One of the volunteer workers pointed out his picture on our Rottweiler Christmas Card that was still tacked to their bulletin board. Yep, that's him in the Santa hat and he is still spreading good cheer everywhere he goes.
So on the return trip home we stopped at the pharmacy to pick up some medicine. I took Ruff on a leash to the outside walk-up window and he got hugged and kissed by two more women. I think that may have been his all-time best day with 7 hugs and 7 kisses.

This morning I was in the kitchen making coffee and noticed out the window that Ruff was very interested in a little critter running around on the top of the solar cover on the pool. I quickly grabbed the camera and switched to the 200mm lens and got these two pictures. 

It turned out to be a little shrew that had fallen in the pool and was looking for a way out. After Ruff lost interest in the little critter I went out and scooped it up with a net and dropped it in the grass. Glad Ruff didn't see that part or he would have dug up the lawn looking for it.
And when the weather is cooperating, we still take our after dinner walks down to the backyard.



  1. Get you Ruff! SEVEN kisses and hugs! That sounds like a great day. Love the pics of him being curious at the pool too. Love seeing your pics of your rotties- they're adorable.

    1. Thank you. Ruff and I share a bucket list together. I promised him that one day we would visit the parking lot of a Hooters Restaurant at shift change. I hope it happens before he gets too old or he might experience an overload.