Sunday, July 7, 2013

How wet was it? Local TV says some got 8 inches of rain here.

Today the sun came out but the back yard is like a mud pit covered with grass. Just read on the local Fox TV station web site we had 8-inches of rain in some areas. And one man literally picked up a 40-LB Carp he found in his flooded back yard. See photo and story below.
A man pulled a 40 pound carp out of the water between 2551 and 2553 Avon Drive late Saturday morning during a major flood in Crescent Springs, KY.
Mike Works, a neighbor, describes the scene as "something out of a horror movie."

The flooding in Crescent Springs was a part of the flash flood Saturday morning that extended from the Cincinnati area into Kentucky.

The flooding is the third time that Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky have flooded this week.

If you know the man that pulled the giant fish, please contact FOX19 at


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