Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adding insult to injury, more snow this morning, 26 days into Spring.

The weatherman began the forecast the other night by saying the dreaded "S" word was coming back. Well, we didn't get the expected 1-2 inches but it was enough to make the guys curious. I can easily understand the confused look on their faces when I took the three Rottweilers out this morning. On Sunday it was 81 degrees. Yesterday it rained and this morning, well, see for yourself.
Suddenly, Ruff heard a noise down the street and he went on alert mode. He does make a fine presentation, doesn't he.
Well, enough with this stuff, I said, "Let's all go have breakfast". And at the mere mention of the word breakfast they all started walking to the front door like a herd of cows heading back to the barn. 
Maybe if we all took a long nap Spring will come back.


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  1. we just had to have our Rottie put to sleep after 10 and a half years