Sunday, May 4, 2014

A beautiful day for a walk.

Finally got a chance to cut the grass in the back. The Sun was out and the weather was warm and all the rain last week sure made the grass grow. Then it was time to take the boys out for a long walk. They haven't been out for several days because of the rotten weather we had. So, of course, they had to explore.
All of a sudden Ruff started looking over towards our neighbors property because he heard something. Sure enough we had visitors coming. Maggie and Rommel must have heard them and walked over for a visit.
It always amazes me how much they listen to conversation because at this point we had been out for some time and we had just started heading back to the house so after Maggie and Rommel had been here for a few minutes I told Ruff and Axl that we had to go home to take care of Mom. With that the two German Shepherds turned around and heading home.

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