Sunday, June 29, 2014

It has been very quiet around here lately. Now I know why.

It has become very obvious that with the passing of our girl Sassy that something else has also gone away. No one has barked at anyone walking down the street or coming up to our door any more. I used to think of Sassy as our Early Warning System because she was the one who let everyone else know that "danger" was coming. Now it seems no one else cares. When Sassy sounded the alarm the two boys would instantly arrive to back her up and we'd have three Rottweilers standing guard inside the front doorway. Now, if I'm lucky, Ruff goes to the door with me out of curiosity to see whose there but he doesn't make a sound. Of course we have a full glass storm door so when I open the front door his huge presence is very obvious. Maybe he doesn't have to bark and maybe that's a good thing. I used to try and get him to be a "Stealth Rott" but I thought it wasn't working out right. Now that we are missing our little instigator (or cheerleader) Ruffin has become the stealth rott that I always wanted.

We are still looking to fill the vacancy in our lives. I have several people watching out for an adult, female Rottweiler that need a good home. I think Axl and Ruffin need a new leader and I have told a few people that we have a management opening here.
P.S. Summer is here and so is the outside work that comes with it. Soon as the cleanup is done I'll be posting new pictures.



  1. I'm sure you've already looked at the KY Rottie Rescue. They have a female Rottie on their site.

    Daisy Duke (female)

    Rottweiler Age: Young Adult

    Personality: Average Energy, Submissive
    Health: Malnourished, Abused/Neglected

    This young female followed a neighbor home while walking his small dog. My husband and I have the space to keep her till a good home is found for her. She is very thin, friendly and energetic with most encounters with other dogs and kids, growled some at a man that came to take her home, I didn't allow her to go due to her aggression with him and never saw her behave that way. She seems to be an outside dog, her fur is sun bleached. Seems mostly fond of myself, an adult female. Has some manners but needs worked with, a little TLC. Daisy Duke definitely deserves a chance for happiness!

    Animal Location:

    Jefferson County Louisville, KY MAP IT!

    Michele Grace 7348372042

    Maybe worth a peek?

    Good luck!

  2. I've really enjoyed your blog about your dogs. Sorry about Sassy. Keep up the good work!