Sunday, March 13, 2016

Look what happens when you carry a video camera with you.

Last year I set up a new bank account but discovered afterward that the bank didn't have a traditional drive-thru window. Our trips to the "cookie bank" used to be the highlight of the day for our Rottweilers because they just love going through the drive-thru windows and seeing the nice people who always give them treats. This was my mistake. I saw the bank had a drive-thru window but it never occurred tome it was different from the other drive-thru windows we go to. The first time I went to make a deposit, taking both Ruff and Bessie with me, we found out to our great disappointment there was no window to see and talk to the bank teller. Instead they had a very small TV monitor at eye level with the cars driver window and the two Rotts paid no attention to the person talking on it.

So the next time I went to make a deposit I went inside the bank and told the manager about our complaint. But the bank manager told me that I could bring the Rottweilers inside with me and they could get to meet everyone. Note: its a small bank with only three people. So here we are on our third visit and I bring along the big guy, Ruff. And in spite of getting along in years, and being a bit overweight, Ruff did his usual thing and he jumped up with his front paws on the counter. You know the counters in the bank are at chest-height, but Ruff was still head and shoulders above the counter and at eye level with the teller behind her window, and yes, he got a treat for a reward. And, once again, I kicked myself for not having my camera.

Which brings me to the point of this post title. Gracie is a Golden Retriever and when she went to her human's bank she decided to check out all the teller windows to get as many biscuit rewards as possible. I think Gracie may have done this before because she really knows how to work a crowd.

All though this video is not about a Rottweiler, it is still most entertaining. Especially since Ruff just did the same thing, except he didn't hop from one teller window to the other - he didn't have to because our bank had only one woman working the teller windows anyway. But he did jump up with his paws on the managers desk to get a hug. Glad the bank manager was a woman.

Published on Mar 3, 2016
Gracie the golden retriever making cookie withdrawal at THE STATE BANK of TEXAS, 3330 Antoine, Houston, Texas, Gracie knows more above finances that you might think! Some dogs bury bones but Gracie saves her money to buy blueberry muffins made by Stacey Foust, Texas Dog Treats. Gracie keeps her finances in order to be sure she has plenty of cookie spending money. Tellers are professional and assist her from teller station to teller station as she hops down the line. She is one financial savvy puppy. Gracie is a bank greeter and has her own business cards retrieving business. Debit cards are known as The Retriever Card because she enjoys retrieving business and meeting all of our customers.
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