Sunday, March 18, 2018

Love the preview of our Spring weather

Ruff had his stitches removed last Friday and his latest blood test came back looking good. So we are all very relieved that this major surgery to remove his spleen and the huge tumor was successful. Thanks to our Vet Dr. Matt McGlasson at Noah's Ark Animal Clinic in Ft. Wright, Kentucky for taking such good care of my precious friend. And, a big Thank You, to the hundreds of Facebook friends who sent their prayers.

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What a Beautiful day today has been, the Sun is shining and temperature is pushing 60. Now its time to explore the backyard and see if it survived the Winter. While Bessie played with her ball me and Ruff enjoyed sitting on the grass and soaking up the Sun. (and taking pictures)
While I was busy trying to get a photo of Bessie catching her ball, old man Ruffin snuck in and caught me by surprise with a big wet kiss.
Updated Monday, 3-19-2018
That last photo above has raised some interesting comments on my Facebook page. "The kind of photos pros dream of capturing. This one was captured by a dog, a Rottweiler. Love it" "Beautiful shot! He is a great photographer that dog of yours! " So I decided to try and explain it by also showing the photo that was snapped a few seconds before it just as Ruff had pushed into me. 
What happened yesterday and how it made for a very unexpected photo.

I was kneeling on the grass throwing the ball and taking photos of Bessie catching it. Ruff was sitting next to me. Just after I snapped the first photo of Bess, Ruff pushed into me and jarred the camera upward as I was taking another photo and gave me a quick face lick. He caught me by surprise even before I got to close my mouth.

The photo of Ruff kissing me was perfectly exposed and even got a beautiful Sun flare in the picture.


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