Saturday, April 21, 2018

Some funny stories

Do you have any four legged social butterflies living in your house?

All of my Rottweilers loved people so much they made friends with anyone who just said hello to them. One day I had Bess out front without a leash. It was a warm, sunny day. Two cars came down my street from opposite directions and stopped in front of my house. The drivers knew each other and had their windows rolled down and as soon as Bess heard one of them say "Hi" to the other she thought they were talking to her and she ran right over to the car to say hello. Out in the middle of the street. With me hobbling after her swinging my cane trying to get her back in the house.

I have written before about my first male Rottweiler, Nikko Bear, who we called The Babe Magnet. One day my wife and I had all the dogs in the back yard and the woman who lived behind us came home from shopping. We watched her make several trips carrying her bags of groceries into her house. So did Nikko. Before we could stop him he walked up the hill behind our house and followed the women into her kitchen. By the time we got there we heard her talking to her surprise visitor. "Well hello, what are you doing here, I'm sorry I don't have any treats". And so we made a new acquaintance who we never met before.


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