Saturday, May 15, 2004

Thief of Hearts

I am fortunate to have a hobby taking photographs and three wonderful Rottweiler clowns to take pictures of. In the days before digital cameras became affordable it was very expensive shooting 35mm and paying for the prints. Because of this problem I have accumulated less than 200-300 prints of my Rottweilers in the years 1995 to 2001 prior to getting my first digital camera. Since 2001 my collection of photos of my Rotts has grown to about 14,000 pictures, all of them stored in my computer. In 2003 I took a photo of Mo and Nikko and among my collection it still ranks the best. The photo shows the great strength of character and nobility of this great breed and I was so impressed with it I had it formally copyrighted and it is called the Thief of Hearts.
Click the photos to see a larger view.

I used a computer program to also transform this photo into a painting and this is what it looked like.

From these two prints I located a company that converted photos into flag banners and ordered a dozen made. I began advertising them for a short while until my supply ran out and unfortunately the company that made the banners was never able to fill any more orders.


The above photo was taken in 2004 at our old house and it shows my wife sitting with Mo and Nikko with little Sassy.

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