Tuesday, April 1, 2003

And then there were three again. The arrival of Sassy.

On March 18, 2003 we adopted a 7-week old Rottie baby girl. Her name is Sassy Sassafras von Sasquatch and like everything else, there is a story that goes along with the name. Sassy was born at the Bowling Green, Kentucky Humane Shelter on January 15, 2003. Her mother and father had been picked up in a drug raid by the Kentucky State Police. They most likely had been acquired for protection but they were not doing very well at protecting the drug dealer. Matter of fact, they were more like pussy-cats than ferocious Rottweilers. But if you know Rottweilers you know this is a common trait.

The police didn't think the adult Rotties were very dangerous so they turned them over to the shelter for adoption. And the people in the shelter thought they were sweethearts and put them together in the same pen. And nature took its course - much to everyone's embarrassment.

Southern Kentucky Doberman/Rottweiler Rescue took the whole bunch. The mother and father were placed together on a farm and we were lucky to get one of the babies. Our girl, Mo, took to the little one right away and decided to adopt it. Mo never had any puppies of her own so we were curious how this would work. It worked great. Mo took on all the attributes of an adult Rottweiler mother, and has raised, taught, protected and disciplined her baby every day. And by the way, Nikko Bear, who is going to be 12-years old in a few months seems to like having this pretty young girl hanging around him every day. Sometimes he even acts like a young dog, himself.
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Sassy and Casey the cat became very good friends. They played together, took naps together and ate dinner side by side.

Sassy goes to the dog show. Just two months past her 1st birthday, Sassy was introduced along with her story to the 2004 American Rottweiler Club Nationals and was given a medal which she proudly wears around her neck.

Here are some fun pictures of young Sassy investigating the sparks inside the globe. These photos were not doctored up. Except for the text overlay they are real. Sassy was startled when she touched her nose to the globe which caused a spark to jump to the inside of the glass. The spark only startled here but her reaction brought mother Mocha over to see if anything was hurting her baby.


Sassy's training to be our new papergirl.
My wife started training Sassy to be the new papergirl when we lived in the old house in Fort Mitchell. With two newspapers in the driveway it was a good opportunity to let her see how Momma Mocha did her job. It has paid off now as Sassy can go out alone at the new house and get the newspaper all by herself.

Here is a nice photo of Sassy and Mo in their new backyard.

And two pictures of Sassy enjoying a roll in the fall leaves.

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