Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our weekend warriors on the road again.

This past weekend was a busy time for our Rott-n-kids. Saturday we all attended a fund raiser event at a local park to raise money for the Paw Park. It was called a Beast Bash (note the t-shirts) Ruff got to sample some homemade doggie ice cream and he also made many new friends. Notice the girl with the big smile. We saw this on several people Ruff met.
Interesting side note: As soon as we entered the park one of the security guards came over to check us out and was greeted by our three friendly Rotts. Turned out we were the only people who brought Rottweilers and I think he wanted to see if they were aggressive. HA! He almost got his face licked.
Later that day we went to see a Tea Party event and Ruff wore a sign I made just for him.
 Enjoy the pictures.

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