Friday, July 30, 2010

Is it Mom or the couch that attracts the Rottweilers?

We all came back from a walk after dinner tonight and sat down to watch our favorite 7 PM television show, Wheel of Fortune, and as usual Ruff and Axl climbed up on the couch. Only difference this time was that Mom had already sat down so Ruff decided the only way he could find room was to become a lap dog again. We all coexist with each other in the house and the Rottweilers seem to take us for granted some times. Axl has adopted Mom as his personal property since he came to live with us eleven months ago so when his best friend Ruff takes over Mom's lap, Axl seems hurt. Luckily, Ruff has a short attention span and soon left. Maybe he realized his 115LB bulk was making Mom a little uncomfortable. Axl didn't waste any time reclaiming his property.

So it goes in a house full of (three) Rottweilers. It's wall-to-wall love and tons of free entertainment.


  1. Love the pictures. You have beautiful dogs.

  2. Thanks, Anon.., They are not dogs, they are Rottweilers. To those who love this breed there are only two kinds, Rottweilers and Notweilers.LOL