Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Ruff adventure at Petsmart.

On Sunday we took Ruff to Petsmart to buy some dog food and it was very busy in the store. Ruff likes to meet people so he really enjoyed himself. Ruff walked through the store like a celebrity and managed to attract several women who all stopped to pet him and a few even let him give them kisses. When we walked into the store there was a young woman working the register who recognized him and knows his name and in spite of having a few customers waiting to check out, she greeted Ruff, got some kisses and gave him a treat. It is that kind of attitude that makes us all look forward to shopping there. The customers waiting to check out all seemed to enjoy the display of friendliness.
On the way out of the store Ruff spotted a young female employee he had not met before so he jumped up on the partition by her register where she was working to introduce himself. She looked like a new hire and was very friendly toward Ruff. With his paws on top of the partition his head was at the same level as hers and he began giving her kisses. Then the girl pulled back and cringed and said, "Agggh, he put his tongue in my mouth." I was tempted to inform her she needed to keep her mouth closed when getting kissed by a large dog but we just left the store, instead.

Even though we didn't bring along the camera to record his visit to Petsmart I keep taking pictures around the house of my favorite subject. Here are two that were taken recently.

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