Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mysterious visitor

This morning around 8AM I let Ruff and Axl go out into the fenced portion of our property that surrounds the pool for their potty break. Shortly after while I was in the kitchen making some coffee I looked out the window and spotted the dogs at the far end of the swimming pool, and one of them had a tail. In spite of the fact that I had not had my morning coffee yet I knew in an instant that one of those dogs wasn't mine so I went out to see who it was. The dog was a good size, about 60 LBS and was a solid color that was almost black with some reds and browns evenly mixed in from head to tail. I have never seen a dog like this so I could not tell his breed. He also didn't have any collar. The dog looked a bit overweight and he was old. I could see his gray whiskers speckling his muzzle. I guessed by his age and weight that he didn't climb over the fence into our yard and because we have a chain around every gate I thought someone may have put him inside the fence. Maybe someone who knew we cared about dogs and they couldn't take care of him any more so they left him with us. Our visitor seemed somewhat timid but not aggressive and our guys were quite interested in checking him out in their friendly fashion.

I went inside and got a bowl of water and a dish of dog food and left it on the sidewalk in back of the pool. I also took Ruff and Axl back inside so they could have their own breakfast while our visitor could find the dishes I left for him. I saw from the window that he did drink some water and I was very curious how he got in our yard. After we had our breakfast I went outside to find him but he wasn't in the yard any more. I have already checked the perimeter of the fencing to make sure there was no way our Rottweilers could get out of the yard so unless I missed something our visitor didn't go under the chain-link fence. How he got in and how he got out remains a mystery.

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