Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now I know. Deer can run faster than Rottweilers.

We have a wide open back yard almost 500 feet deep beyond the fenced in swimming pool, with a tree lined creek running across the end. All of our neighbor's property on both sides of us are the same. The Rottweilers love this area as it gives them so much room to run around in. Last night after dinner, about 7PM I took Ruff and Axl for a walk down the back and all of a sudden they both took off in a run that I thought was their usual play thing. It was already close to sunset and the light was dim but still bright enough to see the expanse of the property. Then I noticed they had spotted a deer and were in hot pursuit after it. As soon as I saw the white tail of the deer standing up in the air against the backdrop of the darker trees behind it and the deer racing away in long leaps I started yelling for Ruff and Axl to stop and come back. By this time they had only ran about 200 feet across our property and our next door neighbor's property as well. The deer was getting further away by every second. The boys were extremely excited by this whole event and were very much out of breath when then came back. They both were supercharged with adrenalin from their chase and continued to be excited even after we got back in the house. In spite of his being almost 9-years old, Axl was actually running ahead of Ruff during the chase. It was a sight I will never forget and hope to never see again. I don't know how long they would have chased the deer if I hadn't stopped them in time.
I was standing about where the "A" marker is and the red line is the path of our racing Rottweilers.

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