Sunday, January 30, 2011

I found a few more things that Ruff doesn't like.

Anyone who owns a Rottweiler knows they all have distinctly different personalities. And the more you own the more evident it becomes. We have had the pleasure of owning six of these wonderful canines and each in their own way has been an enjoyable acquaintance. Our 4 year Ruff has just as many likes and dislikes as any person you will meet. Ruff expresses himself with a variety of sounds and gestures, usually some low growls of disapproval, that let you know he is a very opinionated Rottweiler.

Ruff likes to watch television and here we find he shows off his opinions most of all. I have already posted a piece about Ruff enjoying the Wheel of Fortune and especially his affection for Vanna White. Since the day when he was younger and he met his first horse (October 7, 2008) Ruff is always on alert whenever he sees a horse on television. I think he remembers that shy moment when the horse walked up to him in the field and he got to see how big it was. That didn't stop him from going nose-to-nose and we are all happy the horse was used to seeing Rottweilers and wasn't afraid.

Following his contact with that horse, Ruff has always been fascinated by horses. Ruff watched the entire Belmont Stakes horse race (June 6, 2010) almost literally with his nose glued to the TV. And he seemed to like the chestnut-colored horses better than the others. I wonder why?
Now we know some things he doesn't like.
There are many things on television that Ruff does not like. Mostly, they involve scenes of violence in cop dramas, but Ruff doesn't like sports where people run around and jump on each other like football. Now we have found another sport Ruff doesn't like, Bull Riding. Today we watched a contest on television from Indianapolis and Ruff definitely did not approve of the bulls tossing off the cowboys.
With the advent of High Definition television all of these images on TV are crystal clear and that makes them even more lifelike. The end result is we are constantly cleaning nose prints off the TV screen. But watching Ruff's reaction to these things is almost as enjoyable as watching the TV  programs, themselves.

Ruff Attacked by a Sea Monster.

A few days ago we picked up a free rental video of "IMAX Under the Sea" and watched it on our Blu-Ray DVD player. The images of the fish were absolutely incredible when seen in 1080P High Definition. In one scene there was an ugly looking fish called a Cuttlefish and the camera looked like it was only a few feet away from it. The Cuttlefish stalked a Shrimp and in a flash shot out a long tentacle to snare it and Ruff immediately ran up to the television to see what had happened. While Ruff was standing right in front of the screen the fish caught another Shrimp and Ruff was so startled by the violence he fell over trying to jump back. His feet were sliding on the floor trying to gain traction in his flight to safety. This big brave Rottweiler then ran behind the couch to stand next to his Mom for protection. Needless to say, Ruff voiced several complaints after this.


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