Saturday, June 18, 2011

The animal population is exploding.

In just the past two days we have seen unusual activity with our local animal population. There seems to be more of them and they are everywhere. This must be a result of the abundant rainfall we've been having and the growth of vegetation. Yesterday, we took the guys for a walk down back after dinner and something very funny happened.
Ruff and Axl were doing their usual nose-to-the-ground tracking - following every scent they could find. I spotted two rabbits running across the back of the property but they were so far away that I knew Ruff and Axl couldn't see them because they hardly look up from their tracking. I commented to my wife Jackie that Ruff couldn't spot a rabbit unless one popped up under his nose and less than 10 seconds later (literally) a rabbit popped up from under the Blue Spruce right in front of Ruff and it took off running. Ruff was startled for a few seconds but the he took off right after it. Ruff was no match for the speedy rabbit and he gave up after about a few hundred feet. I was afraid he would run too far so I stopped him from chasing it with some loud calls. I don't know how far he would have gone if I hadn't. By the time Ruff stopped the rabbit was a couple of hundred yards ahead of him and was still going.
Then this morning I was standing at the kitchen sink looking out the window and saw a Chipmunk in the bird feeder we hung outside the window. We put small pieces of old bread out for the birds and enjoy watching them. While the Chipmunk was cleaning up the scraps a Blue Jay flew down and landed at the feeder and both of them scared each other and jumped off.
Last year Ruff and Axl spotted a deer come out of the woods and they ran after it but didn't get too far. Luckily the wild critters can easily outrun our dogs.

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