Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What do your shadows do when they're not working.

People who own Rottweilers (and who are owned by their Rottweilers) know that this amazing breed has two notable characteristics. One, they listen in on all your conversations, and Two, they follow you everywhere like a shadow. Same here in our house. This is the reason for the catchy blog post title. Yesterday afternoon my wife was in her bedroom straightening up her dresser and as I passed by the door I spotted our two boys, Ruff and Axl, sound asleep on her bed with their heads resting on the pillows. I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures and after a few Ruff opened his eyes and started to wake up. I think this picture looks cute.
To answer my own question, what do shadows do when they're not working? They take a nap.
I just had to throw in one more picture here on the subject of napping because they also sleep when you are watching television. Like Ruff.



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