Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ruff and Axl visit Santa Claus at PetSmart.

Our Sunday visits to the Florence PetSmart store has become a regular weekly event. We have taken some or all of the three Rottweilers there every Sunday for the past five weeks. And after I mailed them our Christmas Card a few weeks ago, everyone who works there has recognized them and if I didn't bring them all they ask where the others are. 

Today when we went to the store we took Ruff and Axl to visit Santa Claus and have their picture taken. This was a fund raising event for an animal adoption group called PAWS. Here is their photo in the frame they gave us.
I think Santa had as good a time posing with our boys as they did. And I know the ladies working the event were happy to meet them, too.



  1. Hi folks,
    Your Rottie babies are sooo beautiful! I love your Christmas photo and wish dearly that I could get my Marco to get that close to Santa. I just found your blog but will follow along from here on out. Rotties are the best and you're so right about them being clowns. Our Marco loves nothing better than to be the center of attention and making us laugh and cheer! Thanks for sharing your life with your babies and may they be with you a very long time. <3

  2. Thank you Amy. And you may want to know they provide us with almost as much entertainment as our television.

  3. I can just imagine, Nelson. I've got my hands full with one, three must be something else. Triple the laughs, I'm sure. Merry Christmas to you, your lovely bride and your three beautiful babies. : )