Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday afternoon at the movies.

Sorry PetSmart, we all stayed home today. Had some work to do. We will have to get some dog food on Monday or Tuesday so we will be paying them a visit. Anyway, we did sit down to watch an afternoon movie after we had lunch. Sassy was on her couch next to me. Ruff was in his chair, and mom and Axl took up their places on the big couch. Everything was just normal around here. Here are some pictures to prove it.
Of course Ruff didn't stay awake the whole time.
And here is the whole crew.
Sure glad no one came and rang our door bell.
Almost forgot, Seems like Ruff still has a thing for his girl Sassy. You might want to check some older posts back around 2006-2007 to see what I mean. They were nuzzling with each other quite a bit before I went and got the camera. I did manage to grab one shot.



  1. Hello from France,
    your blog is really amazing ! And the rotties are gorgeous ! We have also a passion for rottweilers, our little girl is 12 and half years old. what is the age of your oldest rott? don't hesitate to have a look on our blog :

  2. Hi, Caroline,

    I went to your web site and used Google translator to read it in English. Your Rottweiler Leslie is beautiful. Our oldest Rottweiler, Axl, is just a few months past his 10th birthday. Our next oldest is Sassy who will be 9 years old next month and out youngest is Ruff who was 5 years old last month.

    We used to have a black cat that lived with our Rottweilers just like the black cat in your pictures. They were all very good friends.