Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ice cubes from the fridge are a poor substitute for snowballs.

The Winter that wasn't is still hanging around. The Rottweilers go outside every day (when it isn't raining) and seem to be looking around for snow. There is too much Sunshine and the temperature is still in the high 40s at its low side and several days in the high 60s. I have taken ice cubes from the freezer and given them to Ruff and Axl and they happily chew them up but you can tell they are a poor substitute for snowballs. Took some pictures today you might enjoy. The first one is Ruff looking off the deck, probably wondering what's going on.
And another of Ruff watching Gunsmoke on a Retro TV channel.
Here is one of Ruff and his Mom.
And Ruff washing Axl's ears.
I am so happy they are best friends.


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