Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ruff has found a new favorite store. A trip to Tractor Supply and they invited him inside.

I went out to the local Tractor Supply store in Florence, Kentucky to buy some new wheels for my hand truck today and took Jackie and the three Rotts along for the ride. Of course we can't leave our precious rott-n-kids alone in the van so Jackie sat with them with the windows open and Ruff had his head out the window watching after me. While I was paying for my purchase I heard two people comment about the Rottweilers in the car in the parking lot and I told them they were mine. One of the store people said, "Why don't you bring them inside?" I didn't know they allowed dogs in their store. I went out and put Ruff on a leash and walked him into the store and everyone crowded around him and gave him pats and treats and several compliments on being so handsome and lovable. Ruff managed to give out a few kisses to one of the ladies and to a man who worked there. As usual, Ruff was enjoying himself getting so much attention. But it didn't stop there. A man who worked in the store walked me out to my van (which was parked only a few feet from the entrance) and handed out more biscuits to Axl and Sassy. And before we left a woman who was shopping there stopped by the van to see everyone and while she was talking to us another woman who was heading into the store spotted us and stopped by to see everyone. This was a very friendly trip and I look forward to going back again and taking Ruff in to visit his old friends. This place is so friendly I may even bring my camera with me and take some pictures. That is something I have wanted to do at Petsmart but felt they wouldn't allow.

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  1. Sounds like everyone had a good time! That's one thing about Rotties, they draw attention and love every minute of it. Still don't understand the bad dog idea people have. Anyone who knows them, loves them.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you, Jackie, and the 3 babies! : )