Thursday, May 17, 2012

One quick dinner time picture tells a whole story.

In our house the Rottweilers get fed before we do for the practical purpose of not having to be surrounded by starving hungry dogs while we eat. That doesn't mean it takes their minds off food, it just removes some of the anxiety. Well, last night after they had their dinner I started to put our's on the table and I spotted Ruff and Axl taking up their spots around the table. They were just laying there, quietly waiting for something to happen. I wonder if they dream of me tripping over them and spilling our dinner on the floor? Now that would be exciting.
I can't imagine what life would be like without them because they have a natural ability to fill in all the little empty spaces in our day.


  1. Great photos. They are so fantastic. I hope our Vicna one day can be lying on the floor after her dinner when we have our dinner.

  2. ....and thinking of your dinner. Thank you for your nice comments. It is hard to resist looking at them while you are eating because if you make eye contact they can take control of your mind and make you give them your food.