Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ruff's two best friends come for a visit.

We celebrated the completion of the stone wall project yesterday and threw a beer party. Our good friends Bev and her husband Rich came over and Ruff was thrilled to see them both. Acting like he used to when he was much younger, Ruff made repeated attempts to shower his friends with kisses and face licks. He then tried to get what he wanted by jumping up on the back of the chair that Rich was sitting in. Well, that called for the old Nikon and I managed to record some memorable shots before it was over. The pictures that follow are posted in sequence from the first one I took when I walked back in the room.
Click the pictures for a larger view.
I think it is fairly obvious that Rich was enjoying his buddy Ruff as much Ruff was enjoying his friend Rich. And Bev holds the distinction of being Ruff's "Auntie Bev" and as the last shot taken a few years ago shows, Ruff has a fond affection for his Auntie.

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