Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Resting Rotts -or- Couch Potatoes

Resting Rotts -or- Couch Potatoes. Take your pick. Indoors play is somewhat limited due to inconvenient obstacles such as furniture and televisions. What else is a healthy Rottweiler to do? Well, how about going into Standby Mode, like the other gadgets around the house. Or just resting on the couch. I think I'm running out of different ways to describe this favorite activity of theirs. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Or maybe they're just protecting their mom.

From the dreaded doorbell.



  1. I love your story and I love your dogs. I would like to adopt a rottie in a few month and your words give me the sensation of happyness. Thank you for writing this blog. Please, don't stop to tell your story. I love see your photoes and imagine the kind of life you are living.

  2. Carolina, Thanks for you nice comments. These three big loves fill our hearts with joy every day. Even when they do nothing more than takes naps on the couches.