Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're heading into a Mid-Winter thaw.

The snow seems to have taken a vacation and all we've been getting lately has been some chilly temperatures and miserable rain. We are thankful for our wood burning fireplace as it does a great job to warm us up on the days we are cooped up in the house. But now the daytime temperatures are climbing into the high 40s and 50s so a mid-Winter thaw must be coming. This is not a good thing if the harsher Winter temps come back in February because the trees and shrubs will be popping out with buds which will freeze and die off.

So we bundle up and hang out in the house with our best friends.

Yesterday I took Sassy to the Vet's to have her toenails trimmed and dremeled. All of our Rottweilers have strongly resisted having their nails clipped so we have had to have the Vet give them anesthesia which requires a few hours stay in the office. Lately I wasn't able to get there early enough to have them do this since they only do it in the morning so I had to drop Sassy off in the afternoon to be boarded overnight.When I came home yesterday without Sassy the two boys were very concerned. In fact they seemed to suspect me of doing some bad thing with their little girl. But today I went to the Vet with Ruffiin and we picked Sassy up and brought her home and everything is back to normal. 

Just a brief update 1/27/2013: We've just had a week's worth of sub freezing temps and a 1/4 inch of snow following this post. And next week we'll have two days in the mid-50's. I am glad that the trees and shrubs didn't start to get any buds.


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